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Rina Banerjee's sculptural installation (above, left) used a variety of materials, including sari cloth, cowry shells and feathers. Its title is "Mangroves of Alien and Native froze and foamed, rose and rose, opened and closed and one in all grew calm who knew". (Above, right) A 229cm by 132cm painting that features her diaphanous style of painting. The title is "Beneath the surface away from land the wreckage of big Empire split to be spoken, not to be broken, pitted and potent with pollutants powered to command did this to press three to four nations always ready to leap into motion, in brief eruptions came emancipation, cultural collisions,tumbled and trembled to form brave nation".

Global art star Rina Banerjee.

Fusing colours and materials

Global art star Rina Banerjee makes her solo debut at Singapore Art Week.
Jan 16, 2015 5:50 AM

READING the materials list for her sculptural assemblages is intriguing enough. One of them, for instance, is made of "female mannequin form, amber bottles, epoxy American buffalo horns, steel arm brace, Banarasi Indian wedding sari trim, Victorian replica doll head, Indian jewellery, glass

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