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The Royal Albatross, a superyacht spanning 47 metres, will be available for visitors to try out at the Singapore Rendezvous.

The event organiser hopes the Raffles Marina venue will be in the spotlight once again with the holding of this event.

In the lap of luxury

The inaugural Singapore Rendezvous, a four-day event held at the Raffles Marina, will feature a mix of the finer things in life.
Sep 30, 2016 5:50 AM

THE definition of luxury is hard to pinpoint exactly, but you know it when you see it. Being surrounded by a wide range of yachts and sailing boats, vintage cars, timepieces, and champagne might be enough for some, but if you're looking for something more, luxury lifestyle event Singapore Rendezvous will even throw in "the best sunset in all of Singapore."

Olivier Burlot, the CEO and publisher of event organiser Heart Media, says: "Not only does it have a great view of the sunset, the Raffles Marina has also been a bit neglected over the years, and eschewed in favour of other newer marinas."

"With this event, we'd like our guests to see that this location is thriving again," he adds.

This isn't the first time they've put on the event, though it is the first of its kind in Singapore. Mr Burlot, who is in his mid-40s, explains: "We first held it in Hainan, China, in 2010, and it's been held on an annual basis since. We're hoping to implement the same winning strategies here."

The four-day event will be a mix of "the finer things in life," incorporating brands like Lamborghini which will be displaying its latest supercars in front of the marina, Perrier-Jouet which will be in charge of libations for the course of the show, and Leica, which will not only put on a photo exhibition, but will also hold workshops for aspiring photographers to learn with an idyllic sun-and-sea backdrop.

He says: "Having lived in Singapore for almost four years, I've experienced what there is to offer, and I really don't think there have been any events like this which bring together all these aspects of luxury in one place. We thought it was about time such an event existed."

And, of course, with a rise in the number of high net worth individuals living here, the demand for this lavish fiesta has been unexpected. "There's been a lot of buzz around it, and our social media platforms have been generating quite a lot of enthusiasm," says Mr Burlot. "We're expecting a turnout of about 5,000 visitors over the four days."

The organisers started thinking about it last year, and registered the name of the event this March because they "wanted to make sure the intellectual property was correct". They have tied up with the Raffles Marina for the next six years, "so this is the inaugural Singapore Rendezvous".

During the day, the event will cater to older investors and families, with activities like wine tastings, photography workshops, and talks by experts on titles ranging from art to property investment. There will also be opportunities for visitors to test out the sailboats and yachts for themselves. One participating yacht is the 47-metre-long Royal Albatross, a superyacht with a sailing capacity of 149 guests and 22 sails.

Entertainment will include stilt-walkers and live jazz performances.

After sunset, the space will be transformed into a party-like atmosphere, with the help of DJs from music label Hed Kandi, so "it appeals to a younger audience who wants to experience the vibrancy of the marina at night."

Mr Burlot, a French national, says: "It's not just about promoting the individual aspects of the show, but about creating 'stickiness'. That means that we want people to come and spend all day there, not just show up for an hour and leave."

To encourage parents to have a good time, Singapore Rendezvous comes complete with a children's playroom that will accommodate up to 50 children. Local charity Playeum, which focuses on aiding the development of children, is the official charity partner of the event. It will hold creative workshops to keep the little ones occupied.

Mr Burlot concludes: "There will be so many things to experience, and we'd like visitors to leave with the knowledge that Singapore is more than just a shopping destination."

  • Singapore Rendezvous will be held at the Raffles Marina from Oct 20 to 23. Standard tickets cost S$68. For more information, please visit