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"I am totally against vandalism - with graffiti art, I'm not talking about those who splash colours on the wall and destroy public property," says Mr Gallizia.

Jay One Ramier's Farewell, entirely executed with spray bomb, has established the graffitist's considerable skill at precise pressure control.
Post-Art Week, scene still sizzles

The origins of graffiti

Singapore Art Week might officially be over, but some shows are still open and generating buzz. BT Lifestyle picks out four of the must-sees
Jan 29, 2016 5:50 AM

THINK graffiti, and you might think Banksy. But mention that to graffiti enthusiast Alain-Dominique Gallizia, and he sputters indignantly: "Banksy is b******t!"

His response isn't all that surprising. Aerosol art is divisive: some celebrate subversive scrawls on public walls, others decry