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Ng's doughnut-like sculptures made of stone, clay and concrete, scattered in the field of the Shuang Long Shan Hakka cemetery.

Phang's clusters of stacked and bundled paper that appear like creeper plants on the wall.

"My biomorphic installation pieces seep out and bleed throughout the space, while the cool and precise architecture of Teh's pieces represents the way Singapore's urban planning controls the natural environment. Together, there's a dialogue between our works in response to this apartment space as well as the country." - Yen Phang

Joel Chin's assembly of porcelain vases whose motifs have been erased.

Bringing art to the Village

OH! Open House goes to Holland Village with guided art walks for visitors.
Mar 3, 2017 5:50 AM

HOLLAND Village may have lost some of its cool, but it makes up for it this March with a burst of artistic cred.

OH! Open House, the art walk that puts art in unexpected places, has picked Holland Village for its seventh edition.

Visitors will find doughnut-like sculptures

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