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(CANNOT CROP) Yavuz Gallery, which shows works by Filipino millennial sensation Yeo Kaa, is participating in S.E.A. Focus.jpg
Yavuz Gallery, which represents artists such as Yeo Kaa (whose work is pictured here), is participating in S.E.A. Focus.

Emi Eu.jpg
S.E.A. Focus is helmed by Emi Eu.

Gajah Gallery is participating in SEA Focus.jpg
Top local gallery Gajah is also participating in the fair.

Champion Of Regional Art

The brand new S.E.A. Focus takes a small step towards rescuing the ailing art market
Oct 12, 2018 5:50 AM

THE ART MARKET has seen the closure of several small and mid-size galleries in recent years due to competition from popular art fairs. Art collectors have become so spoilt for choice at art fairs that some are skipping the small solo shows regularly held in galleries throughout the year.

Market voices on: