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STPI's new solo show by Manuel Ocampo.

Ocampo talks to art lovers about his works.

Left: Virtue Signalling On The Bully Pulpit pt. 5 (2019). Right: Learning To Code pt. 6 (2019).

A visitor looks at the work titled If All You Are Is A Nail Then Everything Looks Like A Hammer Version 1 (2019).

Left: The Grievance Studies Department (2018). Right: SJWs On The Way To The Intersectional Temple (2019).

Life according to Manuel Ocampo

The acclaimed Filipino artist’s new show at STPI represents a culmination of everything he’s been interested in
May 24, 2019 5:50 AM

MANUEL OCAMPO COMPARES his mind on a good day to Manila traffic on a bad day – congested and chaotic. But that mental turmoil lends itself to his provocative art, which draws on any point of reference – political, historical, social, personal – to make sly and ironic statements about the world

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