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Audrey Yeo is featured with a Rebel Green MINI John Cooper Works at Gillman Barracks.

The Challenger

Sep 28, 2018 5:50 AM

Who are you?

I'm Audrey Yeo, founder of cutting-edge art gallery Yeo Workshop. I'm also the project director of S.E.A. Focus, a newly-launched boutique art fair that's set to present the best of South-east Asian art during the annual Singapore Art Week in January. What sets S.E.A. Focus apart from the other art fairs here is that we're a fully home-grown initiative and we make it our mission to deepen the relationships between the art galleries, artists and art collectors. We see our fair as not a place for commercial transactions but a platform to really understand art.

What drives you?

Believe it or not, what drives me is fear - fear that in future people will cease to care for things such as the arts and culture because their benefits are not necessarily tangible. I feel that there are many artists who need financial support but people are not recognising it. I strongly believe that art can help change perspectives and create more empathy and understanding.

What do you do in your free time?

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I don't have much free time and I travel a lot, visiting the art scenes of various countries. So in my free time I like to stay home. My partner is Irwin Hung, a lawyer-turned-food entrepreneur who started the online catering platform Catersmith. He's an amazing cook, so we always invite friends over to have great food and open several bottles of organic wine, which we love.

Finish this sentence. I'm inspired by… great people. And many of the greatest people I meet are artists. They are often philosophical and deeply humane, and they have such a unique view of life that's not shackled to the material world. They are able to transpose these ideas into their art, in ways that surprise, challenge and baffle me. I'm often in awe of their abilities. It's very addictive to be around artists and I feel privileged to have a job that allows me to work with so many.

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