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Dhiren Doshi is featured with an Island Blue MINI Cooper Countryman on Dempsey Hill.
Mini Inspirations

The Adventurer

29/06/2018 - 05:50

Who are you? I'm Dhiren Doshi, vice-president (industries and digital leadership) at SAP Asia. I manage a team of senior industry experts and value engineers spanning industries from telecoms to transportation and travel. Work aside, I'm also an intrepid adventurer who last year became the first Singaporean to scale the 8,167m summit of Dhaulagiri, one of the more dangerous Himalayan mountains.

What drives you? Work-wise, I'm driven by the belief that we can help the world run better and improve people's lives. Driving positive change for individuals, communities and enterprises is my passion. On the personal front, I live mindfully, stay happy and focus only on matters that matter. I am therefore always learning, pushing boundaries and letting go. I respect time, for it is the most finite asset.

What do you do in your free time? I ponder, I read and I write - though my writings are for my eyes only. I appreciate music and art, enjoy good conversation and love the outdoors. I guard my space and time, so it should not be surprising that I find solace in mountain-climbing, meditation, scuba-diving, yoga and skiing. Travel rejuvenates me still - 52 countries and counting. Recently, my wife and I decided on digital detox at Sitaram Ayurveda Retreat in Kochi, India, to unwind from the stresses of urban living, to unplug from modern devices. Mindfulness, meditation, breathing (pranayama) - what a recharge!

Finish this sentence. I'm inspired by… nature. That's where I draw my strength and renewal from. Even though I have grown accustomed to business travel for work, I'm a backpacker at heart. Nothing beats sleeping under the stars, walking in the rain or hiking solo off beaten paths without any itinerary. I gaze up at the stars to remind myself of my insignificance. It is simultaneously humbling and liberating.

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