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My Weekend

What people do, why and where as told to Cheah Ui-Hoon, Rachel Loi, Avanti Nim
26/11/2016 - 05:50

Daniel Komala

Founder, Larasati Auction & One East Asia

"I try to spend my weekends in Bali as much as I can. It's quite a rare treat as I do travel often to Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong and increasingly, Manila, for work. In Bali, I will be pottering around my Tegallalang property, as there are always home improvement tasks to do.

Right now I'm getting the current gazebo demolished, to make a bigger one with a roof, so that it's more functional to take advantage of the romantic view. As it's located at the edge of the garden, the view is of the terraced rice fields, forest and the valley below. There's always something to do around the house.

I'll also probably meet up with some friends in town - which is quite a regular activity, as many of friends come to Bali to spend the weekend.

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For "real" no-nonsense Indonesian food in Ubud, I like Bale Udang. It's a huge place with impressive bamboo structures and man-made ponds. Still in Ubud, I'd go to Cafe Artiste on Bisma for very affordable and good steak. If you only have one day to be by the beach, then go to Ayana Resort. Have coffee at Rimba, then cocktails on Rock Bar and finally dinner at Ah Yat that serves excellent Chinese food. It's three-in-one stuff, blending East and West almost to perfection!"

Beppe De Vito

Founder, ilLido Group of Restaurants & Bars

"Usually on weekends we wake up early and spend some time with the kids before sending them off to swimming or basketball. Somehow magically there's a billion birthday parties in Singapore every weekend - I'm not kidding. Sometimes more than one in a day. I have four parties myself, since I have four kids.

For mealtime, we try to go to restaurants that are child-friendly so we can expose them to good food. Maybe a good Chinese or Japanese restaurant because they love sushi. Jade Palace is one of our favourite haunts, or the Japanese food market at Liang Court where they have sushi trains and often hold tuna-slicing demonstrations which the kids like to watch. Occasionally we visit one of my restaurants, or go to the beach and catch crabs and try not to get bitten.

In the afternoon, if there aren't any parties and the weather is good, we'll be downstairs at the pool. In the evening the kids go to bed rather early so I head to work and try to finish early, then catch up with my wife Lynn for supper; or if she's with friends, I'll join them when I'm done.

Unlike most people, we can't wait for Monday to come, because for me, at home the pecking order is kids first, then Lynn, and I'm at the bottom. So I can't wait to get back to work where I'm on top! Weekends with kids can be tiring but I enjoy it."

Sayantan Das

Co-founder, global crowd funding platform Zingohub

"My weekends are spent doing what I don't get much time for during the week: sports, friends and family. This weekend, I'll visit the Hindu Temple at Depot Road with my parents. Though I don't see myself as an overtly spiritual person, the fact that this particular temple is located next to a church and a Buddhist temple strikes me as a symbol of co-existence, which in turn gives me an unparalleled peace of mind.

In the afternoon, lunch will be a full-on family affair with my parents and sister. Originating from the east of India - known for its incredible diversity in cuisine and culture - means my mom's food is a sight to behold. I'm looking forward to fish, chicken and lamb biryani this weekend.

Despite the food coma that's bound to occur, I'll head down to local flea markets and maker fairs which makes me feel close to my day-to-day job, but in a lighter way. The ones I frequent most are those at Gillman Barracks, Goodman Arts Centre and Haji Lane. I'll round off the activities with some tennis or cricket in the evening and catch up with some friends."