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Entrance to the villa (left); White hand-made terracotta glazed tiles on the pavilion roofs (right).

The infinity pool looking out onto the Alboran Sea.

Locally sourced Spanish tiles for the bathroom (left); Open central staircase creating a natural air flow through the floors (right).

Night view of the villa from the living room deck (left); Bedroom with full-width glazing showcasing the stunning surrounding views (right).

Textured black-painted bamboo poles linking the floors and providing an organic counterpoint.

On Higher Ground

This holiday home perched on a hill comes with breathtaking views from every room.
Jul 5, 2019 5:50 AM

FOR BUSINESSWOMAN FLORENCE Lim, finding a designer for her vacation home in Marbella’s La Mairena region was a nobrainer. With 20 years of friendship between them, and seven homes already built for her, she naturally turned to Voon Wong, architect and designer at Viewport Studio.