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(Left) A collection of 3D printed hand grips which can change shape to fit any user’s hand (Right) Lifelike 3D printed lizards.

(Left) Rabbit, a prosthesis designed specifically for competitve running. (Right) Cameras and watches are some industrial products designed by Yamanaka Shunji.

Visitors at Prototyping in Tokyo, Illustrating Design-Led Innovation exhibition.

Shapes of the Future

A Japanese prototype exhibition highlights the wonders of technology.
Jan 31, 2020 5:50 AM

IN A CORNER of the National Design Centre sits a ‘creature’ from outer space. It has five long black arms mounted on a dome, each with three fingers. Once in a while, the arms come alive, moving in dance-like motions, almost reaching out to touch the visitor. Its name is Flagella, a machine