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Luxury living reimagined - in the new BTLuxe

24/09/2020 - 05:50

WELCOME to the all-new BTLuxe - a seasonal, bumper pullout in The Business Times that takes a fresh new look at luxury living. From the best in fashion, jewellery, watches, design, wining, dining and more, it also seeks out key entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have their fingers on the pulse of society and business, and offer their perspectives on life and how to live it.

In our inaugural issue tomorrow, we tap the expertise of six such individuals from various industries who have relied on wit, wisdom and strategy to weather the pandemic crisis, and offer insights into how we can shape our new normal going forward. Not just in business, but also on a human level as social connection and meaningful living become ever more important in these uncertain times.

Elsewhere in this issue, celebrate the Fall/Winter fashion season as we pick out the hottest looks and jewellery to invest in now. We also bring a report from the mega Watches and Wonders show in Shanghai, and unload a colourful array of new timepieces to drool over. There's also a stopover in Hong Kong, to take a peak at celebrated hotel designer Andre Fu's own abode - a stunning apartment with an unfettered view of Deep Water Bay and Middle Island. And for tea lovers aiming to take their passion to the next level, find out more about investing in your favourite brew.

Indeed, leisure is the new luxury, so make a date with BTLuxe on Friday, as it kickstarts the weekend with a good read and some food for thought.

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