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When a burger patty isn't from a cow ...

15/10/2020 - 05:50

IN the not-so-distant future, the hamburger you eat may not have started out as a cow. Already, we are seeing the growing popularity of plant-based beef patties that bleed like the real thing, as well as meat being cultured in a lab rather than reared on a farm.

Whether it is prawns made in a petri dish or pork from unripe jackfruit, tomorrow's BTLifestyle gets an update on the alternative meat scene as Singapore takes the initiative to grow its food tech industry. But even though much funding is being poured into this, will people actually eat pseudo meat? Find out as we spotlight three young local companies that are trying to change the way we eat with their plant-based foods.

Meanwhile, we peep into the home of a pet lover who chose and designed his apartment based on the needs of his birds and a pig-nosed turtle. But his family also comes into the picture, as his bachelor pad is filled with childhood mementos.

Also, if you are looking to spruce up your fall wardrobe, check out some of the season's best accessories to complete the look. In Dining Out, a revisit to V-Dining reveals a new chef in the kitchen, with a revamped menu that is well worth checking out.

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