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Celebrating Mid-Autumn Traditions

As mooncake season comes around, indulge in the myriad choices offered by Singapore's best hotels and restaurants
Aug 16, 2019 5:50 AM


Mandarin Orchard Singapore unveils its luscious selection of baked and snow skin mooncakes encased in a brand new packaging to celebrate this year's MidAutumn Festival. Using recipes crafted by the hotel's team of masterchefs, the delicate mooncakes are available from now to Sep 13.

Each baked mooncake is elegantly presented in a custom-designed turquoise tower box with pops of fuchsia. Adorning the box is Mandarin Orchard Singapore's signature lattice pattern, accentuated by a motif of peony flowers in copper foil stamping. A two-piece version of the box is also available. Taking centrestage this year is the Limited Edition Pigletshaped Mooncake (S$32) with two different fillings— Azuki Red Bean Paste and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste. Also new is the Duo Collection (S$45 for two pieces), featuring new flavours such as Cempedak with Low Sugar Pandan Paste, and gold-dusted Charcoalbaked Yuzu and Mixed Nuts with Black Sesame Paste. The brand's signature Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico (S$76 for 4) is back by popular demand. Each bite of this baked mooncake is a delicious medley of sweet and savoury flavours.

Be spoilt for choice with Mandarin Orchard Singapore's selection of delicately handmade mini snow skin mooncakes (S$70 for 8), with highlights such as Lychee Martini and Chocolate; and Red Wine Cranberry Paste with Japanese Yuzu and Lemongrass.

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These refreshingly innovative mooncakes are filled with creamy decadence that will appeal to the most discerning tastes.

Fall back on perennial favourites such as the Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste, with a generous filling of white lotus paste and two flavourful salted egg yolks, bound by a thin golden brown pastry skin.

Those who prefer the classic flavours can opt for The Mandarin Collection which includes Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico; Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste; Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste; and Azuki Red Bean Paste and Pine Nuts. These are perfect for corporate gifting as well.

The 2019 Mid-autumn Collection is available at Mandarin Orchard Singapore's Festive Counter at Level 1 Lobby from Aug 6 to Sep 13 from 11am to 7pm daily.

For online orders, go to For enquiries, please call 6831 6320/6262 or email DBS/POSB card holders will receive a 25 per cent discount for purchases during the early bird period from Aug 6 to 16, and 20 per cent discount thereafter. UOB, Citibank, and Maybank card holders enjoy 20 per cent discount during the early bird period, and 15 per cent discount thereafter. These discounts are only available at the hotel's Festive Counter.


At the award-winning Hua Ting restaurant, celebrated Master Chef Lap Fai presents novel snowskin and top-selling traditional baked selections, available from now till Sep 13.

This year, the dainty delicacies are elegantly encased in gift boxes, adorned with chinoiserie motifs, making for beautiful gifts that can be repurposed after the festival.

Snowskin creations such as Hawthorn with Melon Seeds (S$70 for 8 pieces) are inspired by Chef Lap Fai's favourite childhood snack, while Mini Salted Egg Yolk Custard (S$70) comprises velvety custard paste studded with a savoury salted egg yolk.

If you enjoy a dash of alcohol, don't miss the luscious lilac-hued Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine (S$70) which highlights the 30-year-old Chen Nian Hua Tiao (Vintage Rice Wine), or the bubblybased White Lotus Paste with Champagne Ganache (S$70). If you can't decide, the Hua Ting Mini Snowskin Treasures (S$70) is a combination of two snowskin flavours. Purists, meanwhile, will relish Hua Ting's best-selling baked mooncakes featuring White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) (S$70 per box of 4) and other variations with single or double salted egg yolk and assorted nuts (price varies). Old school Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds (S$70) is also available.

Millennium Mooncakes by Hua Ting are available at Orchard Hotel Lobby Kiosk until Sep 13. To order, go to


This Mid-Autumn, InterContinental Singapore's Executive Sous Chef Aaron Tan unveils a new collection of snowskin mooncakes along with six handcrafted baked mooncakes at Man Fu Yuan. Taking the form of its signature rose shape, the Snowskin Mooncakes: Tea Collection (S$76) sees time-honoured traditions enhanced with modern flavours, with premium German tea house Ronnefeldt's ambrosial infusions imbued in these gems.

Discover the extravagance of Irish whisky cream infused in Assam tea complemented with a milk chocolate truffle; mango and citrus fruits blended with sencha studded with hazelnut chocolate pearls; or refreshing peppermint tea with chia seeds and a tangy lemon hibiscus jelly truffle. Those with a penchant for classics will not be disappointed by the variety of six palate-pleasing baked mooncakes (S$68 to S$76) featuring luscious white or red lotus paste with the option of single or double yolks, or indulge in the baked mooncake with assorted nuts - a wholesome blend of almonds, walnuts, macadamia and sesame seeds. Not to be missed is the perennial favourite low sugar white lotus paste mooncake generously sprinkled with crunchy macadamia nuts for a healthier indulgence.

Man Fu Yuan's mooncakes are available from now until Sep 13 at Man Fu Yuan Shoppe, located at the entrance of InterContinental Singapore from Bugis Junction.

For online orders, go to Or email Alternatively call 6825 1131 or 6825 1132


This Mid-Autumn festival, Crystal Jade Group curates a thoughtful selection of traditional mooncakes based on a ‘back to basics' approach - emphasising premium ingredients, quality and less sugar.

Inspired by traditional food carriers used in the imperial palace, each exquisite two-tier gift box is dressed in elegant teal and decorated with a gingko tree motif to symbolise hope, peace and longevity.

Crystal Jade's baked signatures are made from a proprietary recipe that results in its signature thin, golden-brown and moist pastry skin. New this year are its Mini Traditional Baked Mooncakes with Less Sugar.The eight mini treasures (S$68) come in two versions: Oolong Pu'er balances robust Pu'er black tea and delicate Oolong, while Black Sesame & Lotus is filled with toasty and nutty taste notes. Besides White Lotus Paste with single and double yolk (S$62 and S$68 respectively), the melon seed version (S$58 for four) is another hit. And of course there's the perennial favourite of Classic Assorted Nuts and Chicken Ham (S$62 for box of four) for its savoury nuttiness. Can't decide? Then get the Happiness Four ($68 for 4 pieces); comprising one of each flavour.

Jadeite members get 15 per cent discount for purchases, while Citibank and OUB cardmembers enjoy 10 plus 5 per cent off. Other customers will get 10 per cent off. Until Sep 9, you get an extra 10 per cent for purchases on its estore with the promotion code CJMC10. For more details go to


Hai Tien Lo presents 11 handcrafted baked and snowskin mooncakes in gift boxes designed by two young artists from Pathlight School. A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to the Autism Resource Centre, which runs the school.

Take your pick from new snow skin flavours (S$73.62) such as Gianduja and Yuzu; Earl Grey and Cherry; and Coconut and Pineapple. Mao Shan Wang durian flavour is available too, along with baked classics (S$79) such as White Lotus Paste. The popular Charcoal Black Sesame Seed Paste with Melon Seeds and Assorted Nuts with Chicken Ham is making a comeback as well.

The mooncake collection is available for sale (along with a limited edition tote bag) until Sep 14, with up to 20 per cent discount on all orders. Guests may go to the Level 1 Mooncake Booth at Hai Tien Lo, call 9009 5936, email, or order online at


Demon Chef Alvin Leung puts his own spin on mooncake traditions at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel. His signature Mini Theatre Combo set is inspired by the Capitol Theatre and features Caramel Mixed Nuts and Mini Golden Corn mooncakes (S$68 for 8 pieces). Traditionalists can have the classic White Lotus Seed Paste mooncakes (S$68), which also comes in single salted egg yolk (S$74) or double yolk (S$78) versions. For something a little more adventurous, Chef Leung proudly unveils American Fig mooncakes (S$72) which is chock-full of fruit, with fewer calories. If you can't decide, get one of each with the Mixed Baked Mooncake set (S$73).

Chef Leung's creations are available for purchase until Sep 13 at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore and his restaurant 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung.


Yan Ting's dim sum and pastry chef Vanness Chai pulls together an innovative new ensemble of snow skin creations to add to the already popular mainstays such as Black Sesame Paste with Salted Peanut Truffle Snow and Mao Shan Wang Durian Snow. This year, making their debut are the Chendol Paste with Melon Seeds (S$76 for 8 pieces) and Taro Paste with Salted Egg Yolk Truffle (S$78). For bubble tea fans, there's creamy Royal Milk Tea Paste with Oolong Tea Truffle Snow (S$78). Along with traditional baked mooncakes, these sweet treats come in traditional packaging with elegant watercolour motifs. Or splurge on premium gift sets priced at S$188.

The mooncakes are available at Yan Ting and La Patisserie until Sep 13. For more details, call 6506-6852 or 9488-2741. Email or visit


Jade Restaurant's Jade Originals Mooncake Collection goes deliciously local with three inspired creations - Ondeh Ondeh, Bandung and Pandan with Gula Melaka snow skin mooncakes (S$62 for 4). Also new is the Mixed Nuts with Dried Apricot Baked Mooncake, followed by old favourites such as The Fullerton Golden Custard Mini Mooncakes with salted egg yolk (S$71). There's also a healthy low-sugar range. All come in auspicious red and turquoise gift boxes adorned with jade and Oriental motifs. But to make a big impression, The Fullerton 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set (S$198) will wow with its giant baked mooncake encircled by 14 assorted baked ones in flavours from orange to osmanthus.

To order, please contact The Fullerton Cake Boutique at 6877 8943, email or visit its online store at Until Aug 19, enjoy 20 per cent discount on online orders of Select Baked Mooncakes in Classic Box, and 15 per cent off Select Snow Skin in Classic Box.


In 2018, TungLok developed Singapore's very first Low Sugar mooncakes - 25 per cent less than others - according to specific Health Promotion Board guidelines. TungLok Mooncake is the first to use Allulose - a naturally-occurring novel sugar - for a lower-calorie product which retains all its flavour.

This year's selection includes the TungLok Treasure Box (S$138), which holds four Double Yolk White Lotus Mooncakes in a limited edition wooden chest in bright orange and decorated with delicate Chinese brush painting.

Meanwhile, the Perfect Duo (S$78) features Double Yolk White and Red Lotus mooncakes in a pretty four-drawer chest in matte red adorned with subtle floral motifs. For something more playful, TungLok Bite-sized collection of 16 mini mooncakes has eight flavours from Pineapple to White Sesame Lotus, housed in a glow-in-the dark box with rabbit motifs.

Other variations include TungLok Four Seasons (S$76) with Egg Yolk White and Red Lotus, Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios and Mixed Nuts mooncakes; Mini Snowskin (S$58 to S$62); and Mochi Snow Skin QQ (S$62) for extra chewy skin.

TungLok mooncakes are available at all its restaurant outlets; Mid-Autumn Festival Roadshow at Takashimaya; and Jewel Changi Airport Atrium at Basement 1. For more details go to