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Dragon Chamber - Chamber Roasted Chicken
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Chinatown Calling - Selections from Outram Park, Chinatown and Clarke Quay
Jul 24, 2020 5:50 AM

Singapore’s Chinatown has long been the bastion of Chinese culture and heritage, given its history as a thriving hub for the country’s earliest migrants. While it still maintains its links to tradition, Chinatown has also evolved with the times to become one of the most vibrant F&B destinations in Singapore, housing a melting pot of cuisines from contemporary Chinese cuisine to Italian, Japanese and even gourmet hamburgers. As a result, Oddle Eats’ food hunters have scoured the neighbourhood in search of some of the best food recommendations for discerning diners. With island-wide delivery, you can enjoy a delicious and hassle-free meal right in your own home.

Majestic Restaurant

Chef-owner Yong Bing Ngen is a veteran in the Chinese restaurant scene in Singapore, well known for his solid foundation of classic Cantonese cuisine, but delivered with a modern twist. It’s a style that sits well in its location in Marina One, with its futuristic architecture. Chef Yong’s specialties include a combination platter of Crispy Wasabi Prawn, Pan-Seared Foie Gras and Peking Duck, along with Stewed Lobster Noodles and Claypot Rice with kampong chicken. Don’t miss his comfort food favourites such as Fresh Prawn Dumplings with Celtuce, Honey Pork Buns and Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice with diced chicken and pork.

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The Dragon Chamber

Things aren’t always quite as they seem, especially with The Dragon Chamber, which greets you from its secret nook inside a brightly coloured kopitiam. Access is via a beer fridge but actually it’s a secret door that leads you to some delicious food within. It serves up feisty regional Chinese cooking with a local spin as well, which is why you’ll see a pumped up Curry Fish Head stewed in a house special curry gravy. For yet another spicy kick, there’s Sichuan-style Firecracker Chicken fried with lots of dried chillies. At the same time, calm your palate with nourishing Herbal Chicken & Watercress Soup.

Min. order: S$40. Island-wide delivery: S$10. Free delivery for orders over S$100. To order, go to

The Butcher’s Wife

It’s tough to dine out when you have food allergies, which is why The Butcher’s Wife has come to the rescue with a menu that is gluten-free and also focused on all-natural, unprocessed foods. But it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favourite carbs, as The Butcher’s Wife makes its own hamburger buns and other breads using flour that comes from a blend of starches. It even features pappardelle made with chestnut flour. You won’t feel deprived at all tucking into Our Lamb Sausage served with lentils and carrot hummus; The Husband’s Favourite Beef Burger; and Our Own Goat Cheese.

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While the pizzas are touted as among the best in Singapore, Amo is also known for its rustic cooking that draws influence from all parts of Italy. Family and friends will enjoy its extensive menu of antipasti, artisan pastas and large mains like Suckling Pig Chops and Butter-Roasted Chicken. And of course, pizza lovers can’t get enough of the chewy, tender crust made with natural leaven, semolina and olive oil. Favourite flavours include Broccolini, Pancetta, Pumpkin and Smoked Mozzarella Pizza, as well as Stracciatella, Prosciutto, Arugula and Fig Vincotto Pizza. For home cooks, try its DIY pizza and pasta kits too.

Min. order: S$40. Island-wide delivery: S$10.17. Free delivery for orders over S$150. To order, go to

Potato Head

With names like Baby Huey, Fun Boy Three and Vegan Segal, you can be sure that Potato Head is a lot of fun. It takes its name from the flagship Potato Head Beach Club in Bali, a hot tourist spot on the Indonesian island. But in Singapore, it is well known for its artisanal hamburgers and party vibe in the heart of Chinatown. Made from hand-chopped vintage Tasmanian beef patties and fluffy buns made in-house, Baby Huey is your basic burger with cheese and pickles, while Fun Boy Three packs in Applewood cheddar and portobello mushroom. For vegetarians, Vegan Segal uses Impossible plant-based meat.

Min. order: S$50. Island-wide delivery: S$5. 10 per cent off selected items. To order, go to

Genki Sushi

One of Singapore’s pioneer conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Singapore, Genki Sushi helped to democratise Japanese food by making what was once reserved only for big spenders accessible to the man on the street. This franchise operation is known for its affordable, family-friendly restaurants and hearty comfort food. Whether you’re looking to feed yourself or a crowd, there’s something to suit every budget. Check out its classic or special sets which range from 12 to 48-piece platters with a wide range of sushi toppings. Or opt for individual servings of noodles such as Maze Soba or Tempura Oden, and ala carte sushi and sashimi.

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Yum Cha Express

As the name suggests, it’s dim sum galore at Yum Cha Express, which started out in 2000 in Chinatown with the aim of bringing back the old school charm of Chinese tea houses in a shophouse setting. Marble tables and wooden chairs give it a nostalgic feel, while it offers a comprehensive array of dim sum made from traditional recipes. Feast on classics such as Fish Roe Siew Mai, Xiao Long Bao, Pan-Fried Carrot Cake and Roasted Duck Noodles. It also offers a range of modern creations, including Mango Prawn Sesame Fritters and Squid Ink Dumplings. Sets are available too.

Min. order: S$50. Island-wide delivery: S$5. To order, go to


Just because you can’t travel to America doesn’t mean you can’t be in a New York state of mind. Korio is a chic new cafe in Far East Square that epitomises the doughnuts and sandwiches cafe culture of Manhattan with its range of homemade sweets and savouries. Its doughnuts are the star here, lovingly hand-fried and light enough that you can’t stop at one. The glazed treats come in multiple flavours from peanut butter to pandan. For bigger appetites, check out the toasted sandwiches like the Breakfast Sammy filled with Spam and American cheese, quintessential Tuna Melt and all-time favourite Grilled Cheese.

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