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Have a Legent-dary holiday

Nov 15, 2019 5:50 AM

The end of the year signals the start of some festive fun and good old holiday traditions. Whether it's putting up Christmas decorations, shopping for gifts, or playing some seasonal tunes to get in the mood, it is moments like these that will be cherished as you create new memories with your loved ones.

If you're looking to eat, drink and be merry, then getting the right drink is a must for a memorable night out. Look no further than Lazada's Beam Suntory Flagship LazMall store where you can find the perfect drink for your gatherings over the festive season!

At Lazada's Beam Suntory Flagship LazMall store, you will get to choose from an extensive range of spirits such as classic Jim Beam bourbon, premium Japanese Roku Gin, light and delicious Horoyoi and smooth Auchentoshan single malt Scotch whisky. You'll also find some hidden gems such as the new premium ‘East meets West’ bourbon, Legent (pronounced "lee-jent").

What makes Legent unique is its distillation and blending process. Merging a classic American recipe with Japanese blending mastery, this new blend of bourbon is expertly distilled by Fred Noe, seventh-generation Master Distiller of Jim Beam, bourbon’s pioneering family, and artfully blended by Shinji Fukuyo, fifth-ever Chief Blender of Suntory, the founding house of Japanese whisky.

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Made with high-quality grain, calcium-rich limestone water and newly charred white oak, the extra-aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged and rested in hand-selected wine and sherry casks over the warm Kentucky summer, extracting the spice and fruity undertones from the wine-soaked barrels. The liquid is then meticulously blended to achieve a bourbon like no other, resulting in a bold spirit with a strong aroma, yet easy to drink and well-balanced on the palate, with a bright, smooth and flavourful aftertaste.

The result is an old Western favourite with a dash of Eastern flair that will be the perfect conversation starter every time you pour out a glass. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Legent breaks down old notions of what quality bourbon should taste like and adds a new spin on a popular drink.

With more unique and interesting foods popping up every season, Legent is one of the many you can add to your list of things to try. Whether you are the adventurous sort that likes sampling new and unique food and drinks, a lover of classic bourbon, or a discerning drinker, this special blend is perfect if you want to wet your whistle with something familiar yet different at your next holiday party.

Legent is available on the Beam Suntory Flagship Store on LazMall for S$95. Visit Beam Suntory’s official LazMall store for a wide variety of spirits and liquors.