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BONDING TIME: From right: Team Emerio's captain Harish Nim and team members Ajay Abrol; Jasmine Ng and David Chen.

It's all about the networking

Jul 30, 2016 5:50 AM

THIS year marks Team Emerio's sixth year of participation and sponsorship. Team captain Harish Nim says: "We love it. It gives us an opportunity to get together with great people, both from industry and BT. The sponsorship gets our name out in the prestigious Business Times and that helps, especially in these challenging times."

Emerio started 18 years ago with four people and is today a 2,400 people organisation across South-east Asia and a part of the US$105 billion NTT Group. Mr Nim says: "Emerio's ROI (return on investment) from this league is the relationships that we have built with so many people from so many different segments of industry, across different levels. Our ROI is calculated from the exposure we get, albeit, for most of our existence, we have been reticent about getting our name out there, preferring to fly under the radar, deliver great IT solutions and services to our clients. I could not quantify our ROI from this league, just as I cannot quantify the value we have derived from having great, long-term relationships."

There are many other key highlights when it comes to participation. Mr Nim explains: "It is the usual, well-organised and competitive, yet fun event. We enjoy getting out there in the thick of the competition and trying to do the best we can." He continues: "I think the selection of the courses has been great, as always and I am hoping we can play all six games despite the rain. I am a little suspect about the quality of the New Course, but otherwise the other five courses are in great condition."

The team has had a solid start to the competition this year, however, Mr Nim doesn't want to single out any particular player. "Each member has contributed. I personally could have done better, but then I am blessed that my team carries me when I come up short and when my chips do not make it to the green!" He adds: "The Emerio Team is great, and each member decides if he or she wants to play in a particular game, depending upon their touch and confidence. There is no untoward pressure, even though in the WhatsApp BT Golf chat amongst us, instructions from the non-playing members is: No Pressure . . . just get 38 points each!"

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