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PLAYING GOLF ON A WEEKDAY: (From left) Dr Sandy Lek, Dr William Pang, Dr Daniel Chan and Mr Derek Goldberg.

Team Fullerton returns to the fray

Aug 13, 2016 5:50 AM

THIS is the second year that Fullerton Healthcare has formed a team for the League - the last time was in 2012. Fullerton is keen to support The Business Times once again as it believes that this event is a good platform to engage its physician partners and customers, according to the team's Elton Ong.

He says that what the team members have liked so far about this year's tournament is its "highly competitive nature (as evidenced by the scores!) and yet there's a deep sense of mutual respect and camaraderie across the different teams".

As for the course, he praises the "fantastic diversity" and finds it challenging "because of the need to adapt to the unique course architectures".

While the strategy going forward is to play better, Dr Ong feels that one player in the team who deserves special mention is Daniel Chan, co-founder and deputy group chief executive officer of Fullerton Health Group, as he is the top scorer.

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This year, Fullerton Healthcare has also stepped in as a sponsor. Explains Dr Ong: "We wanted to contribute to BT Golf and SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) because we believe in partnership and long- term commitment to the business community in Singapore. This platform is perfect for our existing partners, customers, and a great way to meet new potential partners for future collaboration."

He adds: "To be honest, this is an intangible ROI (return on investment) for our firm and we participated just to fuel our own competitive nature and for an excuse to play golf on a weekday!"