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IMPRESSIVE FEATURES: The Vitara nameplate has been revived in a new and compact monocoque body that retains the signature clamshell bonnet and four-wheel-drive, but has also embraced car-like driveability and some design flair.

IMPRESSIVE FEATURES: The new Suzuki Vitara's higher seating position is also good for both all-round visibility and bum knees, while the airy cabin has good headroom and surprisingly good rear legroom.

Vitara revitalised

The new Suzuki Vitara's design and driveability make it a different car from the '80s icon.
Jan 30, 2016 5:50 AM

THE iconic SUV from the late '80s is back and it has a sibling. Or distant cousin, depending on your view of cars and consanguinity, if any.

The original Suzuki Vitara, launched in 1988, was an all-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle that had the rugged appeal of an affordable offroader.