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The idea for Symphonic Collage: A Musical Tapestry came about when the Philharmonic Winds (above) was brainstorming for a guest conductor to work with and Allan McMurray's name came up.

Maestro McMurray (above) has been impressed by the ensemble, especially since its members are volunteers with careers outside of the group.

Ralph Emmanuel Lim will be performing one of the Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet by Igor Stravinsky.

Classical music from new perspectives

The Philharmonic Winds will embark on its most ambitious concert to date by performing both on and off stage.
Jun 2, 2017 5:50 AM

THE Esplanade Concert Hall is often lauded for its outstanding acoustics so The Philharmonic Winds couldn't have asked for a better venue to hold its upcoming concert taking place this weekend.

Symphonic Collage: A Musical Tapestry will feature a full wind orchestra on stage plus various

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