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Interior of Magnolia Snack Bar at Capitol.

Left: Capitol Milk Bar is where the old Magonolia Snack Bar used to be. Right: Stamford Burger, a fun take on the Ramly burger.

Left: Classic New Yorker hot dog. Right: Strike Me Pink Strawberry Milkshake, Milo Dino Milkshake and Nutella Milkshake.

Old school lollies and jellies.

Milk Bar Revival

Relive the old days of Magnolia Snack Bar in this new diner.
Jun 28, 2019 5:50 AM

IF YOU’RE OF a certain vintage, you no doubt have happy childhood memories of milkshakes and ice cream at Magnolia Snack Bar.

Opening first in 1937 as the Creameries Milk Bar in Capitol building, it was a popular destination for pre and post-movie bites. It later became the Magnolia Snack