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CATERING TO EVERY SHOPPER: The Metropolitan Dream by H Nakata offers more purse-friendly, wearable pieces such as pendants and bracelets (above left and top right) to target newcomers to the brand. Damiani is well known for its sparklers such as Eden (above right), earrings in burnished gold with black diamonds

Mimosa Arlecchino, ring with a central sapphire.

Riccioli, ring in pink gold.

'We are very clear in our minds that our brand is also our surname. We do what we do with a passion.' - Giorgio Damiani, vice-president of the Damiani Group (left), with former footballer Hidetoshi Nakata

Glitz and grit

Marrying age-old craftsmanship with modern day glamour helps set Italian jeweller Damiani apart from other purveyors of in-your-face bling.
Nov 21, 2015 5:50 AM

IN a business that sells sheer glamour and luxury, shrewd celebrity endorsements are not just a trend but an absolute necessity. For 91-year-old Italian jewellery marque Damiani, this A-lister association has been part of its marketing strategy since the 1980s, with campaigns starring the likes

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