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Out of the 107 million sheep in Australia and New Zealand, only a few thousand of these sheep are able to produce Loro Piana's exclusive "The Gift of Kings" wool.

"The Gift of Kings" jacket (limited to 6 pieces) and GOK crewneck sweater (limited to 10 pieces).

Measuring only 12 microns, the "The Gift of Kings" wool surpasses the lightness of merino wool which is 17 microns.

"The Gift of Kings" unisex shawl (limited to 4 pieces).

Royal Material

Wear the world's finest wool from Loro Piana
Jun 1, 2018 5:50 AM

There's wool, merino wool, cashmere, then there's "The Gift of Kings" (GOK). This is what you get from the finest and rarest merino, a sheep breed that has been a labour of love for over 30 years for partners luxury Italian label Loro Piana, and merino wool producers in Australia and New Zealand

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