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(From left) Andy Johnston, general manager & director of agronomy, Sentosa Golf Club; Mr Low, president, Sentosa Golf Club; David Cherry, Billy Payne and Martin Slumbers, all from Augusta National Golf Club; Mr Tan, president and Kong Choong Soon, vice-president, Singapore Golf Association.

Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship to be at Sentosa Golf Club in 2018

Oct 15, 2016 5:50 AM

Seven years after Singapore last hosted the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship (AAC), the 2018 edition will take place at Sentosa Golf Club (SGC), whose Serapong course was ranked 58th in the Golf Digest ranking of the World's 100 Greatest Golf Courses earlier this year.

The AAC has been hosted in nations and territories across the Asia-Pacific region, including China (2009, 2013), Japan (2010), Thailand (2012), Australia (2014), Hong Kong (2015) and South Korea (2016). With New Zealand as the event's next destination in 2017, organisers will bring the Championship back to Singapore in 2018 for the first time since the 2011 AAC at The Singapore Island Country Club.

The 2018 AAC will be conducted on SGC's The New Tanjong Course. Says SGC president Low Teo Ping: "We are proud to join the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation, the Masters Tournament and The R&A in this tremendous endeavour as host of the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in 2018.

"The opportunities afforded to the amateurs who compete in this event are truly life-changing. It will be an honour to welcome young players from across the region to Sentosa Golf Club, where we believe their talents will be appropriately displayed and challenged."

Mr Low is also pleased that the club will be hosting the 10th edition of the AAC, which takes place from Oct 4-7, 2018. "How it came up was that it coincided with the way that we had wanted to pitch The New Tanjong Course to the level of Sentosa.

"The R&A and Augusta came through and said yes, we can have it here at Sentosa. We are confident that The New Tanjong Course will live up to the quality of the golfers who will be playing there."

He adds: "We want to align ourselves to a club like Augusta and promote amateur golf."

Says Ross Tan, president of the Singapore Golf Association: "After seeing the 2011 AAC bring more people to the game of golf in Singapore, we are thrilled to welcome back this special championship. The AAC opens doors for amateur golfers throughout our region and inspires others to embrace the sport and grow their skills. We look forward to building upon the development of the game in the years to come by hosting the AAC and supporting its continued impact on golf in the Asia-Pacific."