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My Weekend

What people do, why and where as told to Rachel Loi
Dec 10, 2016 5:50 AM



"My weekends are sacred to me. I re-charge and do absolutely nothing but sit back and realign myself in order to master the next week. I usually start my mornings by going to CrossFit Tanjong Pagar, where I get crushed and pushed out of my comfort zone. From then on, the day is conquerable and set to the right mode. I spend the rest of my morning at Kith Cafe on Quayside Isle, trying to eat a healthy breakfast in a civilised manner. During the afternoon, I will go to 52 Club street to visit Dzojchen's pop-up store to do some Christmas shopping. It's one of Singapore's favourite fashion brands. I love the imminent feeling of Christmas, while discovering what Singapore has to offer locally. On Sunday, I will explore the ArtScience Museum for its special exhibition NASA - A Human Adventure. And then curl up at home to do some light reading on digital health for my next venture. (To end the weekend on a perfect note), I will watch Miracle on 34th Street with some hot chocolate."

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