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HEADACHES: Dr Tan recommends massaging the He Gu acupoint, located at the highest point of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are brought together.

SORE WRISTS: Massage the Shou San Li acupoint, located three fingers’ width down the outer side of the forearm from the tip of the elbow crease.

NECKACHE: Dr Lim recommends massaging the Tian Zhu acupoints, located at the origin of the trapezius muscle that extends over the back of the neck and shoulders.

LOWER BACK PAIN: Dr Lim suggests stimulating the Yao Tong Dian acupoint located at the back of the hands, midway between the wrist crease and the knuckle joint.

INDIGESTION: Dr Tan suggests massing the Zhong Wan acupoint, a point on the Ren Meridian which “harmonises the stomach and strengthens the spleen.

Pressure Points

A gentle massage of acupoints on the body can help ease aches and pains.
Jun 12, 2020 5:50 AM

HUNCHING OVER the computer for long hours is bound to leave the body with sores and aches. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulating acupoints is said to relieve blockages and balance out yin and yang energy.

TCM physicians Lim Xiang Jun, founder of Dr Xiang Jun, and Tan Yuan Ming of

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