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Can the three musketeers - finance, technology, and trust - click?

How the finance industry can harness technology, foster innovation, and transform itself, while maintaining public trust.

The motto of the three musketeers is: "Tous pour un, Un pour tous" - "One for all, All for one". If Finance, Technology, and Trust can do the same, we can have innovation and dynamism with safety and stability. We can benefit not only the financial industry, but society at large. We can raise productivity, expand opportunity, and enrich the lives of our people. - Ravi Menon, MD, Monetary Authority of Singapore (above)

Both France and Singapore are mature economies, enjoying a high per capita income but reaching the limits of growth through increases in factor inputs.

If we are to continue growing and enrich the lives of our citizens, it must be through innovation.

And if we are to spread the...