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Infusing design into high-cost Singapore

"Design thus helps companies build long-term competencies that can help them be more resilient against economic shocks and price competition . . . Having design as a national agenda can bring about economic and cultural revival or renewal, boosting S'pore's global soft power standing as a result." - Mark Yong, chairman of SingaPlural

"(The Unesco Creative City of Design accolade) is a testament of the Singapore brand that conjures the idea of high value and creativity. But it is a cachet that can only help as a marketing tool when our companies produce good locally designed products for export to global markets." - Tai Lee Siang, president of Design Business Chamber Singapore

ON March 10, 2016, Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, unveiled Design 2025 - outlining the recommendations of the Design Masterplan Committee - at the launch of the Singapore Design Week.

Design 2025 - Singapore by Design hopes to infuse design into everyone's...

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