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Money FM podcast: Co-living, a new real estate trend?


Money FM podcast: Co-living, a new real estate trend?

Prime time: Co-living, a new real estate trend?

10:40 min

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Synopsis: Co-living in Singapore is gaining prominence. Options have existed since 2016, but it has taken a bit of time for the concept to fully catch on. So what’s the driving force behind this increasing trend? Just like many things today, it has a lot to do with the generation that rules it all: the millennials. We speak to Mindy Teo, deputy managing director at lyf on why co-living is a real estate trend that is spreading across the globe and how developers and hospitality players meet demands in Asia’s busiest cities. 

Produced by: Howie Lim and Bernard Lim of Prime Time on MoneyFM 89.3

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