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Norway builds world's tallest timber tower


NORWAY has completed the frame of the world's tallest timber building, which is being lauded for being environmentally friendly and fire-resistant.

The Mjos Tower, which is situated near and named after a lake located about 100km north of the capital Oslo, saw its last beam hoisted by a crane this week. At 85.4 metres, it has 18 floors.

Promoters say that using wood, a renewable material, makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions compared to concrete, which is the primary material of residential buildings in cities.

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"Building with wood is helping us breathe in a better world," said businessman Arthur Buchardt, who added he began the project after being inspired by the Paris agreement on climate change.

Constructors say the building is fire-resistant as it uses glue-laminated timber that will only burn when continuously exposed to flames.

When it opens in March 2019, the tower will surpass its 49-metre counterpart Treet (tree in Norwegian), which previously held the record for the world's tallest wooden building and is located in the western city of Bergen. AFP