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PODCAST: Top 5 step-by-step tips for HDB flat buyers in today's market (Money Hacks, Ep 34)

Money Hacks hosts Chris Lim (back row, left) and Ernest Luis host sisters Rhonda (front row, right) and Race Wong (front row, left), the co-founders of Ohmyhome, a one-stop property tech company aiming to make housing transactions in Singapore simpler, faster and more affordable.

11:24 mins

Synopsis: In this podcast series, The Straits Times and The Business Times break down financial tips so you can get started after listening to this episode.

We host sisters Rhonda Wong and Race Wong, who are co-founders of Ohmyhome. Ohmyhome is an online one-stop shop of a property tech company aiming to make housing transactions in Singapore simple, faster and more affordable.

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They explain their top 5 step-by-step tips for HDB buyers in today's market.

1. Calculate what you can afford using calculators like those found on Ohmyhome's app on iTunes and the Google Play store.

2. Consider home financing options for a HDB loan or bank loan.

3. Apps like Ohmyhome walk you through the buying process step-by-step.

4. What to take note of if you are a current HDB flat owner and want to sell it, to buy another.

5. Why young couples should think long-term and consider bigger flat sizes.

You can download HDB's app too.

Produced by: Ernest Luis and Christopher Lim

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