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A sweet strategy

AJA Enterprises draws similarities in its company's business model to that of kueh lapis - adding value one layer at a time.

Angela Toh, founder and director of AJA Enterprises fronts a life-size core element of Enerzorb's patented cable system linked to window frames, secured by robust anchor points in the wall. The cable system serves as extendable "backup" to the primary window frame. This enables controlled movement of the blast window to dissipate air pressure more evenly over the entire windowpane, thus inhibiting glass failure and preventing windows from becoming projectiles.

KUEH LAPIS - that's how Phillip Tan describes his company's business model. The commercial director of homegrown blast mitigation company AJA Enterprises, along with founder and director Angela Toh, managed to achieve their 10-year revenue goal of S$20 million in just half that timespan. But how...

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