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New trade-at-close enhancement for SGX begins on June 3

FROM June 3, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) securities market will close at 5.16pm, with a trade-at-close phase giving investors 10 minutes to trade at the closing auction price. 

The trade-at-close phase will be from 5.06pm to 5.16pm. This means for stocks with an established close price at 5.06pm, investors have the opportunity to enter buy or sell shares at that established close price from 5.06pm up to 5.16pm, the SGX said.

It added that a trade-at-close buy order will only be filled if there is an equal or larger amount of shares offered by a seller at the closing auction price. 

Continuous trading sessions for SGX's securities market span 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm on weekdays, with the exception of public holidays and occasional half-day sessions.

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