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App for Singapore commuters to book different types of transport to be launched by end-2018

COMMUTERS in Singapore may soon be able to plan, book and pay for different types of transportation - both public and private - through a single mobile application in the near future.

mobilityX, a start-up linked to transport operator SMRT, announced on Wednesday that it has developed an app that seeks to integrate public transport, shared bicycles, e-scooters and even autonomous vehicles.

This is an attempt to provide a seamless door-to-door transport experience from origin of travel to destination for commuters, said mobilityX, which is seed-funded by SMRT and supported by the Economic Development Board.

mobilityX has partnered with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and JTC Corporation to test the app, called, at NTU's campus and JTC's CleanTech Park since August last year.

The app uses real-time information and predictions of traffic conditions to plan different routes based on time and cost, said mobilityX's chief executive officer Colin Lim at a media briefing, adding that they are also hoping to include routes with the lowest carbon count.

The company is also working with players in the mobility industry such as bicycle sharing firms oBike and Mobike, as well as e-scooter sharing company Telepod, to allow people to book and pay for their commutes through the app.

The start-up hopes to begin rolling out the app islandwide in phases at the end of the year and have it completed in one to two years, said Mr Lim. For a start, the app will allow users to plan and pay for their public transport commutes.

"The transportation sector is being disrupted today. We want to be at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to enhance the commuter experience," he added.

Mr Desmond Kuek, SMRT president and group CEO, said: "We see it as our responsibility to improve the overall transport ecosystem by providing more door-to-door travel options to better serve the needs of commuters."