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Innovative security service that saves cost and labour

A remote technology-enabled video security service that could cut as much as $24,000 in cost per premise, per year Ademco advertorial.jpg
Ademco agents keep businesses secure 24/7 in the central monitoring and command centre.

As the current Covid-19-led economic downturn forces businesses to slash costs, Ademco Security has come up with a cost-effective and yet practical security solution to ensure that companies on a budget do not have to compromise on the safety of their buildings and assets.
Many businesses face common security challenges such as costs, outdated technology and a lack of skilled workforce to operate installed systems.
The problem will likely worsen as the prospect of the nation’s worst-ever recession forces businesses to tighten budgets. Social distancing and remote working measures could also hinder security operations.
Amid the government’s push towards technological solutions, Ademco developed VERIFSUITE™Video, which is part of its VERIFSUITE™ range of Managed Services. It is a smart video alarm service that makes use of video technologies to supplement the traditional use of manpower, allowing security-related operations to be carried out remotely by Ademco agents. The solution not only helps to save on labour costs, but is also particularly practical and efficient. 

Another significant cost benefit of the solution is its compatibility with over 80 per cent of Internet Protocol cameras and digital video recorders in the market, which means customers can use their existing devices while implementing the system.
How VerifSuite cuts cost immediately
So how does it work? Given the government’s advice that remote working should remain the default employment mode, an important feature is the Video Guard Tour function in the VERIFSUITE™Video service. It allows Ademco’s officers to conduct computer-assisted video tours of the facility. These virtual patrols not only reduce workforce dependence immediately, but also cut human error.
In the event of an alarm, Ademco’s agents in its central monitoring and command centre, which operates 24/7, will swiftly assess and verify the alarm through the system’s Smart Video Alarm Verification function. This reduces labour and time wastage in the case of a false alarm.
Security and operations managers will then be informed of the situation, enabling fast decisions to be made. This quick reaction time also allows standard protocols to be carried out with precision and eliminates further unnecessary manual response to the site. The early detection means that the Singapore Civil Defence Force can be alerted quickly. In an emergency, fast-response time is often critical to prevent further damage and loss to the building and its contents.
Regardless of negligence or foul play, it is also paramount that all activities are recorded. The added advantage of VERIFSUITE™Video is that the entire process will be documented with reports provided, which improves accountability through an audit trail.
Immediate Cost Savings and Pay-as-you-use model
VERIFSUITE™Video offers much more flexibility than traditional security measures. It operates on a pay-as-you-use model, which means low or no upfront cost is involved. 

According to Ademco, customers have been able to save as much as $24,000 per premise, per year by reducing manpower. It added that it monitored over 600 sites for a local bank from its central monitoring and command centre, and eliminated the need for security guards.
The next generation of security
It is undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world, and its impacts on the economy, the way we live, and how businesses operate are likely to last at least for the next few years. As the world enters a new normal and braces for an impending recession, companies need to adapt and adopt technological solutions to boost productivity and efficiency.
Besides VERIFSUITE™Video, Ademco has also created VERIFSUITE™Ops and VERIFSUITE™Enterprise. The three solutions forms’ customisable range of managed services aims to radically change how businesses ensure the security and the safety of its facilities. VERIFSUITE™Ops is a customisable managed service that takes out the daily hassle in making buildings and operations more efficient.
VERIFSUITE™Enterprise solution was developed to help companies “Design, Build and Run”, to design and install a security service that is tailored to meet their business' needs, and manage the service on a pay-as-you-use model. Like all solutions with software, Ademco provides customers with regular updates of its security systems. This implies that customers do not need to pay for recurring repairs, maintenance or upgrading costs, leading to considerable savings in the long run.
The scalability of tech-enabled systems, such as those by Ademco, means that customers stand to benefit from lower prices and yet do not need to concede on quality.
Visit to find out more about VERIFSUITE™. You may also call 6305-3000 or e-mail for more details.

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