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No let-up to frenetic 2015 for Asian tech

From folding phones to the mysterious Bitcoin creator, the technology sector in Asia will not be boring

Mr Ma's Alibaba will run smack into thorny issues such as politics with its expansion into finance and media.

Samsung will keep pushing the envelope on displays (a la the curved-screen Galaxy S6 Edge).

India's railway monopoly finally upgrades its clunky app and adds a marketplace to hawk more than just railway seats.

Some other previously unknown personage will get identified as the mysterious creator of bitcoin.


A ROLLER-coaster ride in financial markets, deal frenzy among Chinese Web operators spurred on by Alibaba and Tencent, the rise of Asian unicorns and a baking-hot semiconductor M&A spree: 2015 was a frenetic year for the region's technology sector. Fasten your seat-belts, there...

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