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Lessons from my grandfather

Straits Trading chairman Chew Gek Khim talks about her approach in business, as in life, and shares a pet peeve.


"Firstly, he felt it was his life's work,. Secondly, it's something very few people appreciate today: it meant a lot to him that Asians were controlling listed companies. You have to understand that he came from a colonial era... For Singaporeans to own these companies meant something." - Ms Chew on her 2008 takeover of Straits Trading, which her grandfather Tan Chin Tuan (above) had built

A cheongsam is a practical piece of clothing, says Straits Trading executive chairman Chew Gek Khim. It requires minimal matching and is efficient to tailor-make. One set of measurements and you can order 10 pieces in different fabrics. That is probably why she wears one all the time.


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