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Reborn and rebooted

It was deemed the less-promising half of one of Silicon Valley's biggest break-ups. But two years on, HP Inc - the PC and printer part of the former Hewlett Packard behemoth - has reinvented itself, says its chief Dion Weisler.

"We've got a huge portfolio. All these core 5,000 patents come from our two-dimensional printing business that we've been developing for 30 years. We're in our fourth generation of technology. This is an enormous amount of intellectual property that we're pulling in to grow the company into the future." - Dion Weisler.

BREAKING up is hard to do, as Neil Sedaka's 1975 hit song says. The move to cleave the US$110 billion-a-year Hewlett Packard in half in November 2015 couldn't have come lightly. The 75-year-old high-tech giant - a Silicon Valley pioneer that was a household name even before Apple Computer was...

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