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The real deal

In today's post-truth world, having an authentic message or story has never been more important for businesses and for brands, says Weber Shandwick president Gail Heimann.

"It is, again, a tough environment, because one small issue that happens, whether it's the Twitterverse or wherever else it may happen, one small issue can become a very vast issue. But it is (about) recognising the context, pulling in the data to understand whoever it is that you're talking to, seeking to engage with, what they're feeling." - Gail Heimann.

WITH the world seemingly awash in so-called "fake news", some might deride public relations firms as mere purveyors of gilded prevarication. But New York-based Weber Shandwick president Gail Heimann would have you know that the profession - despite a reputation for soft skills - is now also...

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