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F1 drivers' plea to new owners: Make racing closer, faster and more exciting

Give midfield teams the opportunity to win a race, fight for titles: Perez

OH, AND NOISIER TOO: Ferrari's Vettel would also like a return to the old screaming V12 engines instead of today's quiet, V6 hybrid units.

REVVING UP FOR GLORY: Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team Lewis Hamilton during Practice Session 1.

REVVING UP FOR GLORY: Spectators cheering their favourite F1 drivers at Practice 1.

REVVING UP FOR GLORY: Scuderia Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen raced down Turn 10 during Practice Session 1 at the 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.


SEBASTIAN VETTEL led a chorus of drivers on Thursday urging Formula One's new owners to make racing closer, faster and more exciting as the sport enters a new era in Singapore this weekend.

Drivers were asked what changes they would like to see brought in by US...

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