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Gojek rides to come with inward-facing video cameras

INDONESIAN ride-hailing company Gojek will become the first taxi-like operator to install inward-facing recorders in its cars.

In a message to consumers on Monday, Gojek said the devices will record video and audio footage which will be kept for seven days, and will be accessible only to the Land Transport Authority and police.

Gojek said customers will know if their booked vehicle has a camera once they are assigned a driver. If they do not wish to be recorded, they are advised to cancel the ride.

The company said the devices aim to ensure "better safety and security for all users on the Gojek platform". It added that passengers cannot ask for the devices to be switched off.

Asked how many of its vehicles will be installed with such recorders, a Gojek spokesman said the rule allowing video and audio recording only kicked in Monday, and as such, she reckoned no vehicle has been installed with the devices so far.

She added that the decision to install the devices ultimately lies with the fleet owners, who will foot the bill for them. These would be car rental companies which supply cars to private-hire operators like Gojek and Grab.

Grab told The Straits Times on Monday that none of its cars are installed with recorders as yet, but would not say if they will be in future.

Taxi operators have yet to decide on whether to record their passengers.