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Managing change in the supply chain

2016 Supply Chain Awards winners share insights on the future of the industry - which is facing headwinds from intense competition and technology

Elaine Low on opportunities for the industry: "The rise of the middle class in Asia resulting in increased consumption power. And an expanded market for consumer goods and Asia-tailored products."

Anthony Heng on key challenges: "Typically, smaller SMEs are left behind in part due to lack of information dissemination and relatively high logistics outsourcing costs that are not cost effective.Collective efforts are needed."

Cheong Kin Seng on the digital economy: "The digital economy is a challenge for existing 3PL companies who employ proprietary platforms and are not as willing to open that up and collaborate with others."

Steven Lee's view on the logistics/supply chain sector as an engine of growth: "Supply chain will remain one of the key engines for Singapore's growth as it supports the various pillars of the economy and consumer demand."

Moderator Paul Lim, founder/president of Supply Chain Asia, focused on the intensifying competition and future challenges for the supply chain industry at the roundtable.


  • Paul Lim, founder and president of Supply Chain Asia (SCA) - Singapore's foremost professional body that connects and trains logistics and supply chain industry professionals.



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