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Small car COE premium rebounds

IT was no surprise that the second bidding exercise for January saw the certificate of entitlement (COE) premium for small cars rebounding strongly.

Two weeks ago, the small car premium had dipped sharply - by more than S$9,000 to S$45,002. This attracted prospective buyers, who had been hitherto waiting on the sidelines for lower prices, back into the showroom.

As a result, Category A - for cars below 1,600 cc or 130 hp - jumped S$6,299 to S$51,301.

But Cat B - for cars above 1,600cc and 130 hp - fell S$4,831 to S$50,089. So did Cat E - the open category which currently tracks Cat B; it shed S$4,089 to S$51,000.

Cat D - for motorcycles - was also lower, down S$377 from its record high to S$6,512.

But Cat C - for goods vehicles - was S$4,466 higher at S$46,502 because of this category's contraction from next month onwards.

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