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Honouring Lee Kuan Yew

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How can Singapore best honour the spirit of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew?


Teo Lay Lim

Phua Yong Tat

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How can Singapore best honour the spirit of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew?

Teo Lay Lim

Senior Managing Director, Asean


MR LEE Kuan Yew will always be remembered and respected as a great leader, whose leadership combined extraordinary vision, which united our young nation, with pragmatic and flawless execution, which brought this vision to life.

Our tribute to him is to build on his legacy, with the same passion and commitment for the continued growth of Singapore - to be a place where we and our future generations will live, work and thrive. And doing so with humility and authenticity, and with courage and confidence in ourselves as a nation, to achieve great things. As individuals, we should be inspired by his insatiable appetite for continuous learning, striving to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Phua Yong Tat

Group Managing Director

HTL International Holdings Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew left behind a legacy realised from his extraordinary vision, compelling charisma and an unwavering dedication to Singapore.

We must continue to cultivate a forward-looking mindset to reach for opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. This means we have to embrace competition as a catalyst for progress.

Our nation is built on strong fundamentals and they have kept us resilient to crisis. Factors such as a stable and capable government focused on the people's well-being; a robust economy that creates employment and prosperity; social stability from harmonious inter-racial relations; an education system that nurtures people excellence; and a first-rate healthcare system. It is vital we protect and build on these advantages.

Strive to give our future generations reasons to deepen their sense of pride and unity and we will continue to be exceptional.

Yeoh Oon Jin

Executive Chairman

PwC Singapore

WE WON'T see another man like him. The moving tributes by world leaders, and heart-warming stories by those touched by him confirmed that there won't be another Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

But Singapore needs another LKY, and more. Our business environment will become more complex as mega-trends are changing our world at a staggering pace. The best way for Singapore to succeed and honour LKY's spirit is to have more of LKY in the following ways:

Legacy - we should build on his legacy by uniting as One Nation to build a thriving economy and secure our future together.

Keep Sept 16 special as a Founding Father's Day - a public holiday in remembrance of LKY.

Young Singaporeans - we should continue to invest in developing young Singaporeans, not just in terms of knowledge and technology, but also to imbue in them LKY's resilience and competitive spirit, weaving his life story into school curriculums.

Success - post-LKY, our continued success as One Nation, One People, One Singapore, is our best honour to him!

Winston TH Tan

Managing Director

Winmark Investments Pte Ltd

THE mark of a man lies in the wealth he creates in his lifetime, and wealth is not just money alone but assets tangible and intangible, such as honour, peace, stability, goodwill, relationship and sustainability.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew has indeed made his mark, creating abundant wealth for Singapore, while taking relatively little for himself. We can best honour him by becoming like him. Let us all be wealth creators for our nation, fervently serving our country and people, while living modestly. In this way, we will build on the wealth Mr Lee has created for us all. We must also protect Singapore from anyone who may destroy what Mr Lee has created.

Creating good things can be costly, but Mr Lee has taught us that life would be lived fully if we can succeed by trying our best to reach new tomorrows that will better our lives and all around us.

Melissa Kwee


National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

THE greatest gift one can give is one's life for the good of others. Mr Lee offered this to Singapore. He lived simply but was rich in ideals and principles of what would keep Singapore safe and enable her citizens to survive and thrive.

Mr Lee's gift to us was his ability to carefully sweep the streets of Singapore and then take his place among world leaders to advise and opine on global issues. The strength of a man lies not in his popularity but in his convictions and devotion to the lives of others. For this, Mr Lee, we thank you.

Tham Sai Choy

Chairman, KPMG Asia-Pacific and Managing Partner, KPMG in Singapore

NO DESCRIPTION of Mr Lee Kuan Yew is as meaningful as the "thank you's" from the people he led. All of us Singaporeans have everything to thank him for.

Mr Lee was never one to be governed by a short-term view. Beyond leading us to an enviable lifestyle few could imagine at the time, he spent his entire life anchoring our future success. As his fellow countrymen, the best way to honour his life would be to continue his legacy in the lives that we lead, the values that we share and the new heights that we reach.

Honouring his spirit would also mean that we live the Singapore dream not just for our own individual benefit, but for the benefit of all Singaporeans, in keeping with the example that he set for all of us.

Tan Tiong Cheng


Knight Frank

AS THE nation grieves the passing of our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, some would think of erecting a grand monument to honour him or even declaring a public holiday day each year in remembrance of him. While his achievements for Singapore were widely known and publicised, many may not know that Mr Lee was also a frugal man who did not indulge in excess.

I recall when Mr Lee gave up golf in the mid-1980s, he sent over a pair of slightly used golf shoes to our late chairman and his friend since Raffles College days, Mr Cheong Thiam Siew. Mr Lee recalled Mr Cheong having the same shoe size and had hoped that the shoes could still be put to good use. That was how frugal that generation was.

As a constant reminder and testament of Mr Lee's spirit of frugality, I think we should conserve Mr Lee's home at 38 Oxley Road as a national monument. While this is a simple house by any standard and cracks were notably visible on the wall, the house is also a place of high historical significance where some of the most important discussions on the future of Singapore were held in the 1950s. More importantly, the house will remind us of Mr Lee in many ways as we honour him for his many contributions and sacrifices to bring Singapore from Third World to First World.

Similar to Mr Lee's "red box", which symbolises his unwavering dedication to Singapore in making things better in big and small ways, the house will also serve to remind Singaporeans to strive to build further on the legacy he had left us.

Ronny Tan

Former Vice Chairman

Deutsche Bank Singapore

LAST Tuesday, National Parks named a new orchid hybrid the Aranda Lee Kuan Yew, which matches an earlier hybrid, the Vanda Kwa Geok Choo. I have huge admiration for a man who devoted his life to his two great loves - his wife and his country.

His vision was for Singapore to serve as a hub beyond the region, and he shaped our aviation sector, including the daring move to build one of the best international airports at Changi.

New York's John F Kennedy airport was renamed after his death; closer to home, the Philippines has the Ninoy Aquino airport, and Indonesia, the Seokarno-Hatta airport .

As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: "To many Singaporeans, and indeed others too, Lee Kuan Yew was Singapore." I can't come up with a better tribute than for returning Singaporeans and overseas visitors to land at the Changi Lee Kuan Yew Airport, expected to serve over 130 million passengers annually with T5. It will be a fitting honour for this "giant of our lifetime".

Low Lee Yong


MHC Asia Group Pte Ltd

MANY leaders come and go. But few have the vision, pragmatism and fortitude to dispense what are "bitter pills" necessary for the health and good of a nation. It is only in hindsight that we begin to appreciate the trajectory Mr Lee Kuan Yew was painting for us some 50 years ago. As we mourn the passing of our nation's founding father, it is heartening to see and hear about people from all walks of life express their gratitude and respect for what he has done.

Memorialising his name across the land we call home is an appropriate way to honour Mr Lee and ensure his spirit continues for generations to come. There is a new airport terminal that promises further prosperity for the nation - why not name it after Mr Lee, the same man who made Changi Airport synonymous with "number one" for decades? Or dedicate one of the upcoming hospitals or universities to the man? Finally, there is also the birthplace of modern Singapore - the basement room of his Oxley residence. I think it is apt to rename the street after him.

Paul Endacott

Managing Director, SEA

Ambition Group Pte Ltd

"What I fear is complacency. When things always become better, people tend to want more for less work." - Mr Lee Kuan Yew

THE best way to honour and preserve Mr Lee's spirit would be to continue building on the legacy that he's left behind - not to waste it, but neither to get complacent and let it stagnate. Even though Singapore has already earned its place on the global stage, the nation should continue to bear the same passion, vindication and drive as Mr Lee to always better ourselves and, for those fortunate to work and live here, to contribute to building a society we can all be proud of.

When Singapore continues on its path of progression, his spirit and the impact of his contributions will continue to be felt for many generations to come. We are truly thankful for this opportunity and it's now our responsibility to nurture the legacy he has left with us.

Max Loh

Managing Partner, Asean and Singapore

Ernst & Young LLP

SINGAPOREANS have the fortune of inheriting a remarkable legacy left by our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. His lifelong abiding dedication to our country and citizens was underpinned by an unwavering belief that Singapore must always seek to be relevant in order to achieve sustainable success - this is true during the nation-building years and even more so in today's highly competitive globalised world.

To best honour the spirit of our founding father will mean remembering the bitter-sweet lessons from our journey to independence to the building of our nation and "living his spirit" in our ethos, mindsets and actions. Among the values and ideals that our founding father held, three remain poignantly important. Firstly, it is always about doing the right things, and doing things right. Secondly, to always challenge complacency, set our sights on the future and address issues with pragmatism so as to future-proof Singapore and her people. Thirdly, to build an inclusive and fair society that strives towards the collective good of Singapore notwithstanding inherent differences in our diversity.

Lim Ming Yan

President & Group CEO

CapitaLand Limited

WE ARE deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. A visionary leader, Mr Lee's determination to make this little red dot of ours a shining beacon on the world map was instrumental in building an international stage for Singaporeans and Singapore companies abroad. CapitaLand's success overseas, especially our flagship Raffles City brand of integrated developments, can largely be attributed to Singapore's high international standing. Mr Lee strongly encouraged CapitaLand to export this "Made in Singapore" Raffles City concept to other cities in Asia and beyond. He wanted "Raffles City" to become another icon for Singapore.

Mr Lee's aspirations set the stage for Singapore over the past 50 years. He has left us with a legacy. CapitaLand will continue to build on it and carry the same passion, dedication and discipline as we journey forward towards the next 50 years and more.

Goh Swee Chen


Shell Companies in Singapore

MR LEE Kuan Yew put tiny Singapore on the map for all Singaporeans. He spearheaded Singapore's large-scale industrialisation, transformed it into a garden city and turned it into a global hub. Let us remember to celebrate his achievements even while we grieve his departure. He lived fully until 91 years old.

Our children are never going to experience his wisdom and fighting spirit "live" at community events and political rallies but we have this moment to educate them about his place in our lives. Let's do it with joy. That would be the best way to honour his legacy.

Stefan Jacoby

Executive Vice-President & President

General Motors International

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a truly extraordinary leader who fundamentally transformed Singapore within a generation to an advanced, First World economy and society. Singaporeans can best honour Mr Lee's legacy by continuing this incredible transformation and serving as a leading light for its neighbours across the region.

Building Singapore's generation of prosperity was no accident, and maintaining it into the future cannot be taken for granted. Singapore has earned the right to dream big about the future and has a tradition of hard work and professionalism to make those dreams a reality.

Through innovation and industry, Singapore's greatest asset - its people - can build another generation of prosperity for the nation. And Singapore should build on Mr Lee's role as a global statesman by continuing to set an example for other countries of what can be achieved through reform and stable public administration.

Tomas Urbanec

Chief Executive Officer

Prudential Singapore

NO WORDS can fully describe the magnitude of what Mr Lee Kuan Yew has done for Singapore. Even as Singapore mourns his passing, we are grateful that we had him for a season, at a time when Singapore needed a man like him. He served Singapore and Singaporeans wholeheartedly, selflessly and gave his all. His success is Singapore's gain.

Indeed, there will not be another like him. The spirit that drove his passions was the love he had for the nation. We can honour this great man by emulating his spirit of servanthood, serving with a genuine heart and in humility, knowing that being blessed with greatness is a blessing to be shared.

Mark Newman


ING Commercial Banking Asia

A SIGNIFICANT legacy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew was how he and his government single-mindedly created an open economy in the early years of Singapore's development that attracted MNCs, creating jobs and a vibrant business hub.

Singapore today is the Asian headquarters of numerous international businesses - ING Bank included. We are here for many reasons of course, but this country's clear rule of law, top-notch infrastructure, transparent economic policies and First World standard of living must rank among the top. Maintaining this global competitive edge of Singapore would be one true mark of lasting respect for Singapore's founding Prime Minister.

Bernold Schroeder


Pan Pacific Hotels Group

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a giant of a man and leader - in character and spirit; a visionary craftsman who dedicated his life to nation-building. A globally-admired Singapore and the prosperous lives Singaporeans lead today are his ultimate masterpiece.

To honour his life's work, we must invest in securing Singapore's future. Through education and mentorship, let us nurture young Singaporeans to carry the baton with the strength of character, love of country and dedication to the same founding principles of quality leadership, meritocracy, justice and equal opportunity for all.

Mr Lee's legacy should not only be recorded in books but more importantly, live on through the lives of Singaporeans and generations to come. Because he has led the way and shown how one can triumph against all odds in an often turbulent and unpredictable world, we know that Singapore can continue to succeed without him - and she will.

Laletha Nithiyanandan

Managing Director

Talent Design Potential

IN SPIRIT, a true Singaporean has a bit of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian in him or her. And we became this way because of the effort the government took to ensure that all races in Singapore lived together in harmony. We take this for granted but it is a difficult thing to accomplish. This is something we need to continue doing because it is a real gift in these turbulent times.

Meritocracy is also an important legacy that founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has left behind for us. I have personally benefited from this - I can't think of many places in Asia where I could have started a business as a young woman aged 20 in 1979, but in Singapore I was able to do that and thrive. I owe my business success and global mindset to Singapore and specifically our leader, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Matt Harris

Chief Executive

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew was fiercely committed to Singapore's economic development and social stability, as he guided Singapore through the early years of independence. We have much to learn from his steadfast vision to turn Singapore from what he called a "mudflat" to the thriving metropolis today and also his intrepid spirit to never be daunted by having to take "uncharted roads, face impassable mountains, cross treacherous rivers, (and) be blocked by landslides and earthquakes".

Keep the remarkable Singapore brand going - one that boasts political and economic stability, a strong workforce and efficient machinery. Train our sights on the future - be open to opportunities, innovate and keep ourselves relevant. Be singularly dogged in pursuing our vision, driven by our unwavering belief. Keep Singapore the eclectic, multi-cultural mix it is today.

Mr Lee gave up his life building Singapore. We must continue Mr Lee's vision and legacy, and keep Singapore exceptional.

Janet Ang

Managing Director

IBM Singapore

MR LEE Kuan Yew is the architect and strategist who transformed Singapore to what it has become today - a multi-cultural and thriving metropolis, a global business and financial centre, and a First World country on its way to becoming a Smart Nation. He instilled a culture of clean governance and efficient productivity, and inspired Singaporeans in all walks of life to do our very best.

In honour of his spirit of discipline, hard work and determination, we need to commit ourselves to building local capability and future-ready skills that will enable us to continue to add value to the global economy and ensure that Singaporeans will continually enjoy better jobs, better homes and a better life, for the next 50 years and beyond.

To quote an old productivity jingle which I grew up with: "Good, better, best! Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better, best!"

Victor Mills

Chief Executive

Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

MR LEE Kuan Yew's great achievement was the creation of modern Singapore. His greatest achievement is that it will survive him. This is what he worked for tirelessly. We will demonstrate the respect we all feel for a truly great leader and an exceptional public servant if we do not take the quality of life we have for granted. This is a very special country. It deserves to be protected and sustained.

Singapore is a beacon of light in a troubled world. We are all so fortunate to live in a clean, safe, multi-racial society where there is mutual respect and tolerance. We have clean water, enough food, good healthcare, clean government and plenty of opportunities to succeed in life. Pause for a moment and think how many millions of our fellow human beings across the world don't have our quality of life. Let's appreciate it and sustain it. 

Susan Soh

Managing Director

Schroder Investment Management (Singapore)

MR LEE Kuan Yew is a father to all Singaporeans. He lived his life for us, disciplining us when we were errant, inspiring us to continuously do our best, and taking hard decisions even when they hurt, just so that Singapore can continue to be the best that it can be. Now that he is gone, we feel the loss so immensely. As a nation, let's pull ourselves together to perpetuate his forward-looking vision and build on the legacy that he has left us.

Singaporeans, let's continue to create an innovative and adaptive Singapore to stay relevant in this new age. Let's step out to contribute ideas in our respective areas of specialisation so that we can sustain a diversity of growth sectors. We must ensure that Singapore can and will continue to succeed in the years to come, as a fitting tribute to this man who gave his life to the country. Finally, a very sincere "thank you" to the Prime Minister and his family, for sharing their beloved Papa with the nation for the last 50 years.

David Keith

President, Asia Pacific

Garner International (S) Pte Ltd

I HAD the privilege of living here in Singapore in the early 1960s and I well remember the prevailing gloom and despondency when the separation from the then-newly formed Malaysia occurred. The whole atmosphere was one of depression and it was Mr Lee's tenacity and selfless dedication that pulled the nation together against all the odds. It is true to say the pessimists at that time far outnumbered the optimists.

Because of his steadfast drive and energy, the vibrant Singapore we live in today is totally unrecognisable from the rather run down Oriental seaport it was when I arrived here. So to honour Mr Lee's legacy and show our gratitude for what he achieved for us over half a century, we simply have to stay focused, maintain the momentum he created and continue to believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed. We will never see his like again.

Laurent Dedenis

President, International Operations


DOES size matter? Mr Lee Kuan Yew had the vision of a great Singapore, in a world not yet global. He successfully re-invented (at least twice) the city state and made Singapore both a benchmark in Asia and an inspiration for many.

The challenge ahead of Singapore is simple: Can Singapore do even better in a global world? Not just continue a great legacy but re-invent itself constantly, following the spirit of its founding father.

Craig Charlton

Senior Vice-President, Asia Pacific

Epicor Software Asia Pte Ltd

THE best way for Singapore to honour what Mr Lee has done for us is to continue being innovative as a nation, to strive towards increasing our productivity as intensely as he has focused on our rapid growth as a nation.

In our actions, whether as individuals or as businesses, to be resourceful and adaptable in building upon this great foundation that he has established so well for us all.

Alick Chia

Managing Director

SKF Logistics Services Asia

UNDER his able and honest leadership, Mr Lee Kuan Yew has transformed Singapore from a Third World to First World country. I have lived through this transformation and am a great beneficiary of his great achievement. In the 1950s, I lived in a kampong that had no piped water nor electricity. We used a bucket toilet until 1975. Today, I live in a house and have a comfortable life.

So we should honour his contribution, and in so doing it would also serve as a reminder to Singaporeans that it is good, honest, able leadership and hard work that brought us success as a nation, and that we must maintain the same virtues so that future generations of Singaporeans can live comfortably and meaningfully.

These are my recommendations:

1. Set up a Lee Kuan Yew museum to house "mementos" of his life's work and achievements, including all the tributes from world leaders and Singaporeans received at his passing.

2. Rename Changi Airport, Lee Kuan Yew Airport.

3. Set up Lee Kuan Yew scholarships for every course of study in our four universities, for students from households with less than S$5,000 monthly income.

4. Erect his statues in key locations across Singapore.

Joey Chang


AXS Infocomm

I WOULD like to see a special seat for him at the National Day Parade, especially at the SG50 celebrations this year, if not for the years to come.

Michael Pich


Executive Education, Insead

MR LEE Kuan Yew's vision for a multi-cultural and diverse city-state was realised through his pioneering spirit and boldness. His approach helped foster an ideal environment in which people and companies from all backgrounds and cultures could thrive - and all for the benefit of the country he so dearly loved. The result of his influential leadership and decisive action is that a geographically-diminutive nation is now a giant of business, finance, education and culture, among other areas.

He is the driving reason that Insead is here today, working with companies and their executives to further build upon Singapore's strong business foundations. To honour this founding father, it is incumbent upon us all to continue to embrace diversity and innovation, as he did, to contribute to the greater good of society, as he did, and to remain committed to the development of our greatest asset: people.

Harish Nim

Chief Executive

Emerio Corporation Pte Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a man with a vision and the passion to pursue it with a single-minded focus. He had the mental strength and worked extremely hard throughout his active career. If every Singaporean adopts any one of these qualities as her or his own, we would be honouring our founding father's spirit and at the same time doing ourselves a favour.

Mr Lee was a man who started with a small island bereft of natural resources and turned it into a First World country. This should inspire each of us to take what we have and make what we want to of it. We need to take even more pride in our country than we currently do or show, and continue electing capable leaders who can build further on the fabulous platform that we have inherited from him. If we can truly say that the best is yet to be for Singapore, and make it happen, we would make him proud!

Chua Sock Koong

Group CEO

SingTel Ltd

WE HAVE lost a great leader and founder. Singapore is where it is today due to the foresight of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team. Mr Lee had a vision for a better life for Singaporeans and dedicated his life to this cause. Despite hardship and turmoil during the early years, Mr Lee led our forefathers to build a nation that is peaceful, resilient and harmonious.

While we grieve the loss of Mr Lee, we also celebrate his life, achievements and legacy. The best way to honour Mr Lee and live his legacy is to pass on lessons he taught us to future generations and instil in them the values of discipline, honesty and determination.

Stephen Milligan


Western Digital Corporation

WESTERN Digital joins Singaporeans and the world as we mourn the loss of Singapore's founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. A great man and exemplary leader, he will forever be respected and remembered for the significant impact he had on Asia and the world.

The economic transformation and development Mr Lee set in motion for Singapore 50 years ago has allowed it to become one of the world's greatest economic success stories. Western Digital, through its HGST and WD subsidiaries, has had roots in Singapore for more than two decades. With a large base of engineering talent, strong customer support capabilities, and a supportive environment for doing business, Singapore has played a strategic role in the company's ongoing growth in the region.

To honour Mr Lee's legacy, Singaporeans need to uphold the pioneering spirit he set in place 50 years ago and to continue striving for excellence, so that Singapore continues to be a strategic business hub and the port of call for technology firms around the region.

Patrick Liew

Managing Partner

Global Enterprise Exchange

OUR commitment to unite as a people to create a better dream, rise up again and again to overcome challenges, fight on and on to craft a better future for our children and children's children - that's how Mr Lee would want us to remember him and honour his legacy.

Gerald Foo


Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd

BUILDER, Salesman and Guardian - these were the hats that our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew wore on his journey to building Singapore from a fishing port to a thriving metropolis. Everything we see, touch, experience was built from scratch in all sectors covering business, defence, education, environment, transport and housing.

And he led by example, even planting trees to give us a green Singapore. His wisdom was sought by world and business leaders. He put this to our advantage by marketing Singapore as a haven for business, investments and all manner of political, economic, cultural and social collaboration, thus making Singapore the capital city of the Asian century.

Everybody acknowledges him as the Father of Singapore. Yet he was more than that - he was our guardian angel. Every waking moment of his life, he thought, cared and acted in the interests of all citizens. The racial harmony we have today is the envy of many countries. We should not take all these achievements for granted. Therefore, to honour his legacy, we should be even more united as Singaporeans and ride any uncertainties in the future together regardless of race, language or religion and social status. Truly a great leader for Singapore, his passing is a sad loss for Singaporeans.

Daniel Soh

Managing Partner

Leadership Advisory Inc

THOSE who have worked, lived or even just travelled aboard would probably understand that our economic success and what we have today in Singapore is exceptional. The stability, global influence, and credibility that we have today took us 50 years to build. It certainly did not happen by chance. It is through sheer courage, hard work, perseverance and strong leadership by our late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The global environment of today is characterised by rapid technological advancements. We are bombarded by information overload from many fronts and we now have connectivity 24/7 across the globe. What happens in the eurozone will impact the rest of the world, including Singapore. To ensure continued success in Singapore, we need the highest standards of integrity, adaptability, flexibility and agility to respond quickly to a changing environment. We must be entrepreneurial and have a global outlook and, just as importantly, strong integrity and good communication skills. Like Mr Lee, one who is authentic and embodies integrity, conviction and passion will naturally draw loyal followers.

Michael Zink

Head of Asean and Citi Country Officer, Singapore

THE founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew put in place the foundations of Singapore's development from a Third World nation into an economic miracle that it is today. Modern Singapore has one of the highest GDP per capita, clear rule of law, low crime rates and a well-educated talent pool. All these have earned Singapore the reputation as one of the leading business and financial markets in the world.

The success of the nation was not only built on a clear vision but also on hard work, discipline, resilience and a belief in meritocracy. These are the values that will enable Singapore to have many more years of success in the future.

Koh Seow Chuan


DP Architects Pte Ltd

I AM a collector of stamps and art, a postal historian, and an architect.

For this reason, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's defence of postal workers as a lawyer in the 1950s touched me deeply. It showed his concern for the common man, in this case the postal workers. What was to make an even greater impact on me was how, even when he had become Prime Minister, he was still prepared to reach out, and to listen.

In 1971, I was invited, along with members of the Singapore Planning and Urban Research Group, to have dinner with him at the Istana. He made time to listen to us - a group of architects, urban planners, lawyers and sociologists - and to discuss ideas for the development of Singapore.

That same preparedness to listen carried through over the decades. In 1995, I had the opportunity to present the design of Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay to him and the other members of the Cabinet. Although he was initially uncertain that Singapore was ready for a major arts centre and to allocate a large budget for its development, he was prepared to listen. He was eventually persuaded by his colleagues.

These experiences made a deep impression on me: A great man who, despite his intellect and farsightedness, still made time to listen and to learn.

Lee Fook Chiew

Chief Executive Officer

Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

INDEED, the nation suffered a great loss with the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee dedicated his life to building Singapore into the prosperous nation we are today. His inspiring leadership and acute judgement laid the foundations for the successful Singapore we know and love.

Mr Lee never had any tolerance for corruption, and was relentless in his pursuit to weed out all forms of corruption with strict rules and regulations. While some might not agree with such a stringent form of governance, the thriving economy and prosperity that Singapore enjoys today stand as testaments to his wisdom of building our economy on high ethical standards. With rising temptation and threat of fraud and corruption in today's complex business environment, we can take reference from Mr Lee's firm beliefs and commitment in upholding integrity and ethics in all that we do.

Therefore, let us honour Mr Lee by continuing to build on his illustrious legacy in this and other aspects of building our nation into a beautiful and nurturing home for all Singaporeans. Even as the world moves on, we shall always remember him as the steadfast and resolute leader who placed Singapore on the world map as a shining beacon of Asia.

Philip Fong

Managing Partner

Harry Elias Partnership LLP

IF there are four words to describe the spirit of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, I think they would be Ambitious, Brave, Caring and Decisive. Therefore, we Singaporeans can best honour his spirit as follows:

Be Ambitious: We must make Singapore the best in the world (if not the region) and think of creative and fresh ways to do so.

Be Brave: Once we identify the ways to make Singapore the best, we must have the courage to achieve them and see them through.

Be Caring: As we strive to be the best, we must not forget our humanity, our people and their feelings.

Be Decisive: As we seek to be the best, be brave for the journey and be caring for our people, let us never turn back but keep striving unstintingly for a brighter future because the best is yet to be.

Majulah Singapore!

Chaly Mah


Deloitte Singapore

SINGAPORE has lost our dear founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew but he has left behind an extraordinary legacy. Through his vision, leadership, determination and courage, he turned Singapore from a tiny island with no natural resources into a global economic powerhouse.

Mr Lee believes deeply in the rule of law and that good governance needs leaders with the right values. He is a strong advocate of education and talent development and encourages upgrading and lifelong learning. Our future generations can best honour him by upholding these values and carrying on his legacy, one that is built on the foundation of honesty, integrity, commitment and responsibility, and doing the right thing all the time.

Peter ter Kulve

President, Unilever

South East Asia & Australasia

WE are deeply saddened at the passing of Singapore's first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee dedicated his life to improving the lives of Singaporeans. He faced tremendous challenges but had the courage of his convictions, immense intellect and the sheer force of will, to succeed.

Unilever, like Singapore, owes him a great debt. When Unilever first opened our office here in 1953, Singapore was only a small trading centre. Today, we hire several hundred Singaporeans here; Unilever Singapore is now a critical global hub and home to our global leadership development centre, Four Acres. Without Mr Lee's pro-investment policies, we would not be where we are today.

Even as we mourn his passing, we are also determined to honour his legacy. This means remembering not only where we have come from, but also where we are going to - an even brighter future for Singapore. At Unilever, we will continue to work with Singapore to invest in talent and build key capabilities here. We have no doubt that the Singapore model Mr Lee has built will stand the test of time when we work together.

Ho Meng Kit


Singapore Business Federation

MR LEE Kuan Yew was our Founding Entrepreneur. His political entrepreneurship was of a higher calibre and impact in the creation and structuring of our country. His vision, leadership, courage, risk-taking, attention to details and care for all Singaporeans are traits we all should aspire to.

In the last two weeks, the media has highlighted the spirit of Mr Lee. This must be captured and not allowed to dissipate over time. We should record his contributions and achievements in our heritage and teach our young about him. We should build a Centre of Learning in his name for outreach, teaching and research. This will keep the spirit of Mr Lee alive in all our hearts for posterity.

The baton has been passed to the next generation to make Singapore an even better place. We are confident we can forge ahead and build on the firm foundation that he has laid. With diligence, cohesiveness and enterprise, a better future lies ahead.

Johan deVilliers

Country Managing Director

ABB in Singapore

ABB has grown from humble beginnings to a sizeable company and we are honoured to have played a role in the development of this country under Mr Lee's leadership. The best way to honour his spirit is to live and breathe his very own words.

Mr Lee once said: "What I fear is complacency. When things always become better, people tend to want more for less work." We owe it to the founding father to keep his legacy alive, to continue the hard work that he has started, and to continue to build Singapore as a strong and successful nation. As Singapore emerges from its loss, we have the power to build on his foundation, strive for his ideals, and create a city and society that he would be proud of.

Alfred Chia

Chief Executive Officer

SingCapital Pte Ltd

"LEE Kuan Yew" or "LKY" represents values of resilience, diligence, honesty, thrift, loyalty, family man and many more. These values empowered Mr Lee to turn impossibilities to possibilities. It turned our little red dot to a bright red dot. This brightness must continue to shine for many, many more years. If only we can live up to even just a portion of the "LKY" values, not only will we be a better person but it will ensure the continued success of Singapore.

I would propose a "LKY Day" to always remember this great man and, more importantly, the values he represent. There should be programmes to educate the young and the old to practise the "LKY" values. This will not only ensure Singaporeans remember the values of our founding father, but also that the world will recognise and learn from his values.

Eric Lim


Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore

THE deluge of accolades and tributes from Singaporeans and world leaders for Singapore's first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, is testament to the deep respect people have for him. Mr Lee's uncompromising principles on strong governance, the rule of law, his intolerant position towards corruption and inefficiency all contributed to the nation's rapid economic growth. He ensured that all the "stones" or foundations needed in building a government were based on justice, integrity and meritocracy, all of which were aligned perfectly with his principles. To honour Mr Lee's legacy, these must remain in government to ensure that we sustain a corruption-free environment where fraud and risks are kept at manageable levels in order for Singapore to remain a successful nation.

We suggest moments of silence to be observed in all National Day-related events this year to honour the dedication, sacrifice and brilliance of Mr Lee. He was a remarkable and irreplaceable statesman who will be missed beyond words.

Eugene Wong


Sirius Venture Capital

MR LEE Kuan Yew's values and beliefs, which he so passionately taught us as Singapore's founding leader, are the cornerstone of his life. With a great vision and purpose to make Singapore a better place, Mr Lee imparted to us his values of courage, diplomacy, diligence, responsibility, righteousness, perseverance, as well as love for his family and fellow Singaporeans. Thus, I believe the best way to honour Mr Lee is to live our lives well, in a way that would make him proud, and contribute to the growth and future of Singapore.

Cheng Heng Chew

Country Manager Singapore

American Express

I FEEL that the best way for Singapore to honour Mr Lee Kuan Yew's spirit and legacy is to adopt his tireless attitude and conviction to pursue development while never losing sight of where we've come from. Singapore is a multi-cultural society with towering skyscrapers dotting the skyline. Yet, in spite of various urban development projects, care has always been given to the preservation of the shared heritage of our diverse communities.

Cultural understanding has always been an important pillar in Singapore and should continue to retain its importance as Singapore matures. To this end, American Express is committed to contributing to the sustenance of Singapore's heritage. It is truly one of the best ways in which we can honour the memory of Mr Lee and the generation that built the city that we proudly call home.

Loh Khai Peng

Managing Director, HP Singapore, and

General Manager, HP Enterprise Group, Singapore

IN the years following the Singapore's independence, Mr Lee Kuan Yew actively encouraged inward investment from multinational corporations, as part of his vision for the social and economic transformation of the state. Indeed, HP was one of the first multinationals to set up in Singapore, with the establishment of the company's operations in Redhill 45 years ago.

We can honour his spirit by continuing to position Singapore as one of the most attractive destinations in the world, for top-class talent and for international business. This can be achieved through a continued focus on state-of-the-art infrastructural development, the ongoing nurturing of an educated workforce, and maintaining efficient government and regulatory structures. Ultimately, maintaining Singapore's leadership position in the Asia-Pacific region will be the most effective way of maintaining his legacy in the years to come.

Ooi Huey Tyng

Country Manager for Singapore and Brunei.


VISA joins the nation in mourning the loss of an inspirational leader. Our founding father Lee Kuan Yew's lifelong contributions have placed Singapore in a solid position on the world map. I believe the best way to honour Mr Lee's spirit is to build on one of his greatest accomplishments - maintaining regional political stability and racial harmony. This strong foundation will enable Singapore to become an important commercial and cultural hub, connecting the West to the rest of Asian countries.

As Singaporeans, we should uphold the values that our founding father had instilled in us and held to high standards - meritocracy, honesty and pragmatism. Every Singaporean should continue to evolve these values, embracing meritocracy with compassion, honesty with magnanimity, and pragmatism with creativity. Singaporeans have come together in solidarity and showed the world that we are united as one nation in this time of grief. I believe that as long as we stay united and work towards the progress of our country as one people, our generations will continue to benefit for many years to come.

Samir Neji

Managing Director, APAC


I HAVE always admired Mr Lee Kuan Yew for his wonderful foresight. From opening up the country to foreign investment, to building a green city - he has always been a visionary with a plan. His ability to execute his grand plans for the country has led to many successes that Singapore has enjoyed over the years.

If we, as a nation and as individuals, can embrace this forward-looking mindset, we would be able to build on the foundations that he laid to keep Singapore successful into the future. That, in my opinion, is the best way to honour Mr Lee's spirit and legacy.

Ng Joo Hee

Chief Executive


SINGAPORE has lost our founding father, and PUB, the architect of our water story.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew recognised, from day one, that water security would be nothing less than existential for Singapore. He had famously said: "Water dominated every other policy. Every other policy had to bend at the knees for water survival."

Mr Lee was acutely aware of Singapore's dependence on imported water, and worked tirelessly to secure this lifeline. He was clear that we needed to find alternatives, and challenged the PUB to collect every drop of rain that falls on Singapore. That led to a massive cleaning up of our polluted waterways in order to turn them into water catchments. The most polluted of these were, of course, the Singapore River and the Kallang Basin.

Today, the Marina Barrage keeps the sea out of Marina Reservoir, Singapore's 15th reservoir, which holds 10 per cent of our fresh water. Today, two-thirds of Singapore is water catchment, and we have reliable alternative sources in desalinated water and NEWater. Today, Singapore is a world leader in water husbandry and Singaporean water companies bring class-leading capabilities to the global marketplace.

Every one of us in PUB owes it to Mr Lee to ensure that Singapore will never ever go thirsty.

John Keung Kam Yin


Building and Construction Authority

MR LEE Kuan Yew had dedicated his entire life to shaping Singapore into the highly liveable and cosmopolitan city it is today. He worked hard to set Singapore on a trajectory of success. As a visionary leader, he paid a lot of attention to detail on building this city and its infrastructure to meet our immediate and long-term socio-economic needs. For instance, he had the great foresight to make environmental protection and sustainability hallmarks of Singapore's development, enabling Singapore to be an environmentally-friendly metropolis. He also believed in building an inclusive society and meeting the rising aspirations of Singaporeans. These have laid the foundation for us to create a future-ready built environment.

The best way for all of us to honour and remember Mr Lee is by doing our best to continue his dream of making sure that Singapore is always ready for the future and protecting the country's long-term interests. The built environment sector and BCA will continue to play our part in championing a future-ready built environment to support Singapore's progress and enable our citizens to fulfil their aspirations.

Kong Chee Min

Group Chief Executive Officer

Centurion Corporation Limited

SINGAPORE owes much of our survival and prosperity to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his team. Because of his vision, wisdom and tenacity, Mr Lee overcame the odds and rallied Singaporeans to build a nation that has become one of the world's great economic success stories. Along the way, Mr Lee had to make many tough decisions, including opening our doors to bring in foreign workers to complement our labour supply. As one of Singapore's largest workers accommodation operators, Centurion Corporation's tribute to Mr Lee is to continue working with the government to make Singapore a "home away from home" for these foreign workers.

The best way that Singaporeans can honour Mr Lee is to truly live up to our National Pledge as one united people; to build a society based on justice and equality, regardless of race, language or religion, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

John Lim

Group CEO

ARA Asset Management Limited

MR LEE Kuan Yew fought hard his whole life to make Singapore not only successful, but exceptional. His vision put Singapore on the world map, commanding the respect of many world leaders. He paved the way for many Singapore enterprises going overseas, thanks to the nation's reputation for excellence, professionalism, efficiency and non-corruptness. As a local company with businesses in the region, this is something that ARA is very thankful for.

I hope Singapore enterprises can honour his spirit by continuing to fly the Singapore flag high as we bring our businesses beyond our shores, and uphold the excellent image of Singapore he has built through our business dealings and operations in other countries.

Dhirendra Shantilal

Board Director & Head of Asia Pacific


MR LEE Kuan Yew was not content to let Singapore be just another nation; he wanted it to be an exceptional nation. Unbridled ambition and relentless personal development but more than anything else, what defined Mr Lee was his endless desire to reach, to strive and achieve. Where others would have puzzled over how to keep this little rock afloat, he sought to make it one of the richest nations in the world, and succeeded.

Confronted with powerful neighbours and uncertain times, he didn't work for survival but to create one of the best equipped, most prepared and powerful militaries in the region. He wanted Singapore to lead the world in education, governance, science and finance - and this desire for excellence shone through too in his personal life.

His academic results were consistently outstanding, and throughout his life he would keep learning and achieving; he gave his all for Singapore. We can honour his spirit by continuing to strive for the apparently unattainable, and by giving our all. We've come a long way but we can go much further - if we follow the example set by Mr Lee.

Tan Hak Leh

Chief Executive Officer

AIA Singapore

IT IS our collective duty as Singaporeans to protect the legacy of our founding Prime Minister. As we march into the future, let us honour his spirit by staying true to values which he held dearly throughout his service to our people and our nation - honesty, integrity, courage, determination and dedication.

Adam Judd

Vice-President for Asia Pacific


MR LEE possessed the rarest combination of intellect and conviction which made him an outstanding and admirable statesman the world has ever known. He was not only exceptionally adept in acquiring a globalised view on socio-economics and political developments, but was also unwaveringly dedicated to serving the country's best interests. Mr Lee was determined and resilient in overcoming obstacles, and was distinguished for his discerning foresight.

With strong foundations laid under his leadership, these qualities are today synonymous with Singapore. It is important for Singapore and the workforce here to continue striving for excellence and pushing the envelope, which I think will prove to be the best way in carrying on his legacy and ensuring Singapore's success going forward.

Karthik Tirupathi


Napier Healthcare

IN LINE with our founding father's vision, our best tribute to him would be to excel in whatever we do. In healthcare software solutions, homegrown companies should strive to make a mark in the world - just like he put Singapore on the world stage.

Tan Mui Huat

President and Chief Executive Officer, Asia Region

International SOS

THE demise of Singapore's founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew is a personal reminder of the Chinese phrase yin shui si yuan, which means: When you drink water, think of its source, and remember where and how the water came about.

The miraculous transformation of Singapore from mudflats to metropolis is built upon a set of foundational core values advocated by Mr Lee and his team - including passion, integrity and respect. These are key attributes that every nation, company and individual will do well to abide by.

It is without a doubt that throughout his adult life, Mr Lee was constantly putting the interests of Singapore first. In my opinion, the best way to honour this great leader and statesman would be to continue his vision of growing Singapore and Singaporeans. The best form of remembrance for Mr Lee would be for everyone to work at sustaining Singapore's success in the coming years, guided by passion, integrity, respect, and above all, gratitude.

We are thankful for all that Mr Lee has done, and the legacy that he has left behind. With this in mind, let us strive to create a better Singapore for all of us.

Michael Soo


BSH Home Appliances

OUR founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew had done more than words could ever describe. He dedicated more than 50 years of his life, putting the nation ahead of himself, to bring Singapore to where it is today. Having had the privilege to grow up in the years when Singapore was under his leadership, I saw the changes in the quality of life we had, the career opportunities we had. Singapore is now a place that we're all proud to call home.

The best way that Singapore can honour Mr Lee, in my opinion, is to continue to be united as a nation regardless of our differences and to continue his legacy and philosophy to grow this little red dot we call home, together.

Tan Chong Huat

Managing Partner

RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP

WE can honour the spirit of Mr Lee Kuan Yew by embracing "Singapore's destiny" - the legacy that Mr Lee had tirelessly strived for in his life's work.

In 2011, he envisioned Singapore as "a fun place, a buzzling commercial and economic centre", and foresaw us taking a quantum leap in the next 20 years. By this, he had meant that "investors have absolute confidence in us (that Singapore) is stable, the government is stable, the labour and industrial situation is stable". He had also referred to the two integrated resorts, F1, etc - and all these have come to fruition.

In addition, we must ensure that we continue to build "a hundred storeys building on strong foundation" by having "strong finance and defence established in a strong, unified, well-educated and increasingly cohesive society". These words were spoken by Mr Lee when he was coping with the frailties of age and out of his abiding concern for the future generation. We shall do well to imbibe his wisdom to heart.

David Leong

Managing Director

PeopleWorldwide Consulting Pte Ltd.

HOW best to honour Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a man among giants.

A hero in the league of legends.

In Singaporeans' minds and hearts, his place assured.

His whole life was for Singapore, prosperity ensured.

Stamford Raffles found Singapore. 

Lee Kuan Yew built Singapore.

He was a man made of sterner stuff

Not befitting of any flowery fluff.

He came, he built, he is remembered

Forever as Singapore's founding father.

Chong Kee Sen


The Institution of Engineers, Singapore

MR LEE Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore, was an exceptional, pragmatic visionary who made dreams come true. He may not have been trained as an engineer but had great faith in our engineers to fulfil his vision in developing sustainable public housing, building world-class sea and air hubs, building the mass rapid transit system, advancing the manufacturing industry, greening the city and even transforming our once-filthy rivers into sources of drinking water.

He engineered our country's successes and we owe our prosperity, security and peace to him and his team.

Singapore has lost a great man but his legacy will inspire us to build upon the foundation that he laid, continue to innovate beyond expectations, and keep on challenging and advancing technology for a better society.

Bek Kheng Lee

Managing Director

Azen Manufacturing Pte Ltd

A GREAT Leader, A Great Husband, A Great Father - in summary, A Great Man. We can best honour Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew by emulating the examples that he has set, be it in his professional or personal life.

Professionally, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly towards nation building, and did an excellent job. He had exceptional clarity of mind, which gave him the courage to make decisions that might not have been popular but would certainly benefit Singaporeans in the long run. I particularly salute him for his tough stance on eradicating corruption.

In his personal life, Mr Lee's acts of love and commitment to his wife and children show that family was of utmost importance to him. Family forms the building block of a healthy society, and Mr Lee's devotion to his loved ones despite his heavy commitments in politics makes him a role model for all of us.

Michael Smith

Country Director

Randstad Singapore

MR LEE Kuan Yew had a steadfast vision for Singapore. He transformed the country into a global economic powerhouse with strong productivity growth, where people have secure jobs and enjoy one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.

Mr Lee's push for the concept of tripartism where the government, unions and employers work together, has made Singapore one of the world's leading economies, boasting harmonious labour relations.

To best honour Mr Lee, it is important that we continue working under this tripartite umbrella to further develop Singapore's world-class workforce, attract and develop high-calibre talent and enhance productivity to benefit the lives of all Singaporeans.

With this, Singapore can continue to be well-prepared to overcome complex economic challenges, retain its place on the world stage and realise Mr Lee's vision well into the future.

Adaire Fox-Martin


SAP Asia Pacific Japan

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a great visionary who saw the possibilities for Singapore five decades ago when few could. Together with the pioneer generation of Singaporeans he laid the foundation for Singapore to be a thriving international business hub with sustainable economic growth.

The excellent infrastructure and efficient system in Singapore attracted many multinational corporations, including SAP, to establish their regional headquarters here to manage their business in this part of the world. His achievements draw awe from leaders around the world, and he is both a role model and inspiration for business leaders. I am inspired by his ability to align an entire nation around the execution of the vision "from Third World to First". Mr Lee's achievements and vision will continue to inspire the generations that follow. On behalf of SAP, I extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mr Lee.

Florence Ng

Managing Director, Founder

Straits Talent Pte Ltd

A LONG-OVERDUE letter to our founding father:

Dear Mr Lee

Words cannot describe the depth of my gratitude for all that you have done for Singapore, and indeed the world. Words too cannot describe the immense grief I feel at your passing. And yet we have never met. Such is the magnitude of your life achievements. Everywhere I look, you have touched our lives - from our skyscrapers, world-class airport, beautiful gardens, water reservoirs, to our very own defence force, a robust, corruption-free economy and a First World education system ... the list goes on. Against all odds, you have put Singapore on the world map. Thank you. It is now up to us to honour your legacy and relentless spirit. We have in part become victims of our own success - with rising affluence, we have mellowed and allowed ourselves and our younger generation to become soft. We have to "man up". Together.

You followed your vision. You were true to your course. You never gave up. You innovated. You led with a firm hand. And yet you cared. To honour you, we should endeavour to do likewise. To always work towards our aspirations, like you did. We should be relentless in our pursuits. Like you were. Lead firmly, and yet, remember to listen to our hearts. Like you did. This way, we honour you and your spirit. And we keep our Red Dot on the world map.

Your Singapore daughter.

Malcolm Ong


The Ong Radio Group

ALL of us at the Ong Radio Group are deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Founded in 1929, we have been most privileged to experience his visionary leadership first-hand. We saw how he fought for our independence, instilled a sense of unity among our pioneering population and transformed our nation from Third to First World in a single generation.

While Singapore's 50th jubilee will not be the same without Mr Lee, Singapore can best honour Mr Lee's eminent spirit by keeping his vision alive, building on his legacy, and raising the quality of life for all. The adoption of smart technology will give us ample opportunities to do so; it will enable us to design and build better homes for families, create more sustainable and productive workplaces and help individuals realise their dreams by plugging into the potential of a more connected, and integrated world.

Peter Schwartz

Senior Vice-President


WE AT Salesforce join the millions of others who are mourning the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He is undoubtedly the greatest man I have ever met. His ability to bring together vision, intelligence, practical reality and integrity was unique and the results show in modern Singapore.

Through his steadfast dedication, he has shaped Singapore to be the first-rate capital for a myriad of industries around the world, and has set the country on the path towards building a smarter nation for all. This is a future made possible by the advanced ICT infrastructures and policies already set in place, which enables and encourages both public and private sector entities towards adopting smart technologies.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of enterprises moving to adopt Mr Lee's progressive vision for a smarter, better Singapore through the integration of innovative solutions and technologies. By holding fast to his pioneering spirit in all that we do, companies can build on the legacy Mr Lee left us, and continue towards an even greater future in the next 50 years.

Sim Guan Seng

Managing Partner

Baker Tilly TFW LLP

FROM Brunei to Botswana, the international accolades flowed.

From businessmen to bloggers, the domestic gratitude showed.

It was indeed an unforgettable week where heartfelt tributes rained effusively in honour of the man who made modern Singapore.

We saw examples of how many, many Singaporeans performed deeds seldom heard of previously. Grateful individuals resiliently joining queues way past midnight to pay their last respects despite warnings that the queueing time would stretch to several hours. Small businesses offering complimentary drinks to refresh those in queue, out of their own goodwill. A people united in grief, with many galvanised into action.

In a week of immense sorrow, the positive energies displayed convey hope for tomorrow. This is important because however much we think we have arrived as a nation, I personally believe the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew would feel we remain a "work in progress".

Thus, for those who can and wish to repay their debt of gratitude to Mr Lee, the act really starts now. Continue to work hard and/or work smart. There can be no respite. Majulah Singapura!

Chris Comer


Castlewood Group

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a giant among men, and one of the last true great statesmen of our times. His spirit of hard work, discipline, resourcefulness, and forward thinking showed the world that an unlikely struggling nation with a vision can rise to the top through sheer determination. Continuing to uphold Mr Lee's values as Singapore progresses will ensure that his spirit will live on for generations to come.

The late founding Prime Minister was and will continue to be an inspiration to every aspect of Singapore. No matter how difficult the circumstances, or how small we may be, he showed us that we can achieve beyond expectations, having brought this little island from Third World to First within a generation. Be it through successful times or inclement economic weather, possessing forward-looking determination and commitment to achieving a dream will continue to open doors for Singapore in the future - what Mr Lee strived to do his entire life.

Victor Foo

Founder and CEO

Singapore Precious Metals Exchange

MR LEE Kuan Yew's legacy is our greatest inheritance. The work that he had done through his life has left us with a Singapore that is not only regarded as a role model but one that is also highly respected for its robust and transparent economy and governance.

It's his policies that brought about the stable economic growth of Singapore, a huge reason that contributed to SGPMX being headquartered in Singapore. In fact, I cannot think of a better country in Asia where we can thrive in.

Nando Cesarone


UPS Asia Pacific

MR LEE Kuan Yew believed in the values of hard work, determination and foresight - attributes that have transformed Singapore to a key financial and logistics hub in Asia and the world. Singapore's economic success today is built on integrity, strong work ethics, corporate innovation and transparent governance. UPS is privileged to serve our customers in this robust business environment.

Integrity is vital in doing business and a strong contributor to success. Companies and individuals can honour Mr Lee's legacy every day by conducting business fairly, honestly and ethically, while driving the same spirit of innovation. Having astute business acumen, exemplifying a can-do attitude and always doing the right thing are ways we can all live up to the values Mr Lee espoused as he led Singapore to be a leading economy on the global stage.

Nirvik Singh

Chairman & CEO

Grey Group Asia Pacific

FOUNDING Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was a visionary statesman with the qualities of imagination, persistence, conviction and pragmatism. His legacy - racial harmony, a world-class education system, infrastructure with a "smart nation" ecosystem, and decades of economic growth - has made Singapore one of the most attractive and admired cities in Asia today. He also created a transparent judiciary with zero tolerance for corruption - all within a framework of encouraging meritocracy.

This lifetime achievement of nation-building has led Singapore into becoming the powerhouse it is today. The people of Singapore can continue to build upon this solid foundation and achieve even greater heights predicted by the man who saw tomorrow.

I think a good way to honour Mr Lee would be to rename Changi Airport the Lee Kuan Yew International Airport.

Rosalynn Tay

Chief Executive Officer

Dentsu Aegis Network Singapore and Dentsu Singapore

THE passing our founding father definitely leaves a sense of emptiness for many of us who experienced the transformation of Singapore from Third World to First. The best tribute we could give to the man who gave it all to put us on the world map is to embrace his undying spirit of entrepreneurialism and to always leapfrog the norms.

We need to continue asking ourselves: What we need to do to stay ahead? What tough decisions do we need to make to ensure that we continue to put the company and our country ahead of our individual needs? There isn't a need for us to be popular. But we need to be effective with our approach. As he once said: "You must be able to soar above reality and say, 'This is also possible' - a sense of imagination."

Matthieu Destot

Vice-President of Sales for Asia Pacific

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

MR LEE Kuan Yew will always be respected and remembered by the international community for his success in transforming Singapore into the thriving metropolis it is today. It is the most connected city in Asia, powered by the best-educated population anywhere in the world. These achievements offer Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, a firm believer in Singapore, the opportunity to harness the nation's infrastructure, its talent pool and the spirit of its pioneering businessmen, especially among small and medium businesses.

As the world mourns with Singapore, perhaps the best way to honour the spirit of her founding Prime Minister is to embody his unyielding will to not just survive, but thrive. He brought Singapore into the First World from Third. Let us build on that momentum and steer Singapore well into the future of a smart world.

Neeraj Swaroop

CEO, Singapore

Standard Chartered Bank

STANDARD Chartered Bank was first established here in 1859 and we bear witness to the progress that has taken place especially in the last 50 years. It was the late Mr Lee's extraordinary vision, leadership and statesmanship that transformed Singapore into the entrepôt port, advanced manufacturing and petrochemical hub, and finally the international financial and services centre that it is today.

While we should take pride in Singapore's economic success and global influence, the thing that struck me the most is the basis that he had built this nation on - that Singapore citizens are one united people, regardless of race, language or religion. This is clearly evident as we watch and read about thousands of people who queued up to pay respects to Mr Lee. There are people who gave out water to those in the queue, offered snacks in the middle of the night. When asked who they are, their response was: "I'm Singaporean." This is one great nation that has shown that united as one people, even the impossible can be achieved. I believe this is the spirit that Mr Lee had built and all of us have been reminded of. May his legacy live on for generations to come.

Apurvi Sheth

Managing Director, Emerging Markets and Joint Ventures South East Asia


ON BEHALF of Diageo and our employees in Singapore, we offer all residents and citizens of Singapore our deepest condolences upon the sad passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

As the founding father of Singapore, his vision and achievements have proved a remarkable example to governments and people all over the world. Under his leadership, Singapore has become a dynamic, open economy, creating the conditions for success, and has transformed itself time and again to attract the right global investment, building a centre of excellence for industries in IT, biomedical science, financial services, and entertainment among many others.

Looking to the future, Singapore needs to continue with this fearless and bold transformation by charting new frontiers. His legacy calls for us all to continue innovating and to keep working for the best in our business and in ourselves.

Sidney Lim

Managing Director, South East Asia

Protiviti Pte Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a truly visionary leader and while many will argue about his methods, none can argue about his results. His foresight to build a government based on strong ethical values is perhaps one of his biggest contributions to Singapore. This country's reputation as an accountable, corruption-free government continues to attract investments from global companies which choose to operate here with full confidence.

The focus on good governance is one of the elements that have helped to build trust and integrity and raise Singapore's standing in the international arena. Protiviti's work with companies has likewise shown that those with good corporate governance policies are more likely to be successful. Singapore should continue to strive to stay true to the legacy of good governance left by Mr Lee that has contributed to our remarkable economic success thus far, and keep it going into the future.

Benedict Soh

Executive Chairman

Kingsmen Creatives Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew spent a lifetime building a solid foundation that will enable Singaporeans to now take the nation to the next lap. The current physical infrastructure is rated one of the best in the world. As a young nation, especially with multi-ethnic cultures, the profound challenge ahead would be about binding the various facets of the national psyche into one.

The best way to honour the spirit of our founding Prime Minister would be the ability for all races to cooperate; also, for all businesses venturing overseas to support one another. The jungle is beyond Singapore shores, where every nation is striving to get ahead. We should build upon Mr Lee's great achievements and enable every Singapore citizen to have opportunities to be the best that he or she can aspire to. This can be interpreted as having positive mindsets, applied to actions that will prosper one and all.

Eric Goh

Managing Director

EMC Singapore

THE First World stature of Singapore stands testament to Mr Lee Kuan Yew's legacy. He was a man of firm beliefs - he valued meritocracy above all and taught the people the importance of innovation in the pursuit of excellence. His commitment to soaring beyond all expectations laid the foundation of the world's first smart nation. With a solid economic plan and an incorruptible spirit, he helped Singapore find a place on the map and become the renowned regional hub it is today.

The highly-evolved Information and Communication Technology landscape that we live in would not exist without the stepping stones provided by Mr Lee. These stepping stones today have grown to be pillars of Singapore's ICT industry, and will propel our nation into tomorrow's future. As we cherish the memory of Singapore's founding father, we must ensure that we continue his legacy.

Annie Yap

Managing Director

AYP Associates Pte Ltd

ALL of us here at AYP Associates felt a great sense of loss upon hearing the news of the passing of our founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore has lost a brilliant and visionary man who dedicated his entire life to the building of our country.

As we grieve over his passing, there are many ways in which we can best honour his spirit of dedication, passion and tenacity. We can in our own ways show the same level of dedication and passion that he had, such as by taking care of our employees, our clients and our candidates. At the national level, we should seek to do our part to contribute to Singapore's economy and national stability and success that our founding Prime Minister devoted his entire life to.

Peter Poh

Managing Director

Chee Fatt Co Pte Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew, the first of our founding fathers, gave his life to building this nation. His contribution to Singapore is perpetual. Even in death, he continues to contribute to our beloved Singapore. Look at the unity he has brought us over the past days. Looking at the many stories of his life - be it as the titanic statesman who awes the world, the meticulous Prime Minister who paid attention to the slightest details or the loving husband - there are many values we can learn from his life.

Let us not be faltered by his passing but instead, let us continue his unwavering spirit, be steadfast and build upon his success, build upon the strong foundation that he has left us with. Let's live his legacy and continue to bring Singapore to greater heights.

Dora Hoan

Group CEO

Best World International

THE vast, remarkable contributions of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, father of our nation, to Singapore's success just cannot be measured. In a nutshell, without him, there would most certainly not be a Singapore. He surmounted tremendous difficulties, overcame many odds and succeeded in shaping a multi-cultured and multi-racial society into one united nation, giving it an unique identity - an identity all of us Singaporeans are proud of and which many foreigners envy. He made a "small red dot" stand out and be noticed all over the globe. He is a legend and he himself is a brand - and because of him, Singapore has also become a brand name. His passing is our great loss.

Mr Lee ruled Singapore with an iron fist, with integrity, harmony and perseverance topping his list of values, which he emphasised in many ways and throughout his rule. Even during his 90th birthday celebration in Parliament in 2013, his wish was to see that Singapore continue to have a clean and honest government and that all would do their part to uphold the highest moral standards.

It is this spirit of living in harmony, dealing with integrity, and persevering till we succeed that Singaporeans grew up with. This spirit has been so ingrained in all of us that many local firms have also unconsciously embedded these values into their corporate ethos. My company, Best World, is one of them.

Mr Lee may have left us, but his spirit will forever linger in us, propelling us to strive for success.

Hari Krishnan

Managing Director - Asia Pacific & Japan


TODAY, Singapore is one of the world's most developed and competitive economies, largely because of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's firm belief that the nation's best asset is its people. This belief resulted in significant investments to ensure Singapore continues to prosper in a rapidly changing world.

These investments have paid huge dividends. While preparing the workforce for skills needed for today and tomorrow, they also transformed Singapore into a key business and financial centre, and have vastly improved the lives of Singaporeans.

Future-proofing the success of Singaporeans and the country's position as a key global player are befitting tributes to Singapore's founding Prime Minister, a giant on the world stage, and his extraordinary legacy of success. A key way to achieve this is to continue investing in developing talent and skills, and here, Singapore is already ahead of the game with new initiatives such as the SkillsFuture scheme.

Robin C Lee

Group COO

Bok Seng Group

MY MIND went blank when news of the passing of our beloved founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, hit the nation. It is difficult to imagine a Singapore without this great man who led us to what it is today - a country all Singaporeans are proud to call "home". Growing up together with my dear Singapore, I too turn 50 this year and my one wish is for SG50 to be a year where we truly look back and appreciate the progress we've all made under Mr Lee's leadership.

Life is finite, but one's spirit can live forever and we as Singaporeans must fully embrace the virtues that drove our pioneers to scale ever greater heights. Be courageous in our convictions to make Singapore better in order to sustain our success into the future, even if it means making hard choices. I have faith that Mr Lee had done his best to ensure that our present leaders are capable and will continue to look after Singapore as he did. The values engraved on our national flag embody perfectly Mr Lee's vision for Singapore - the crescent moon represents a rising young nation and indeed at 50, we are still a young nation bursting with potential, while the five stars depict our spirit of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality which we must uphold. Changes will occur, but the spirit remains. Thank you and good bye, Mr Lee. We love you.

Christophe Duchatellier


Adecco Asia

MR LEE Kuan Yew was a key leader in building one of the strongest and most prosperous countries in the world and with this came his focus on creating jobs and employment for all Singaporeans to benefit from. The Singapore labour market is in great shape - with low unemployment, solid job growth and opportunities for both fresh graduates and mature workers alike.

We can honour Mr Lee's spirit by keeping the job market healthy and relevant to Singaporeans. This can be achieved by equipping our workforce with skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow - and retraining and re-focusing where necessary. In the future, we need to continue focusing on Singapore's economic competitiveness: gaining margins by increasing our productivity in all sectors especially in labour-driven industries. Singapore's growth and success was the top priority for the late Mr Lee, a project which he worked on until the end of his life. This is how we should honour him, by building upon the foundations he laid for work and for labour in general, and for the nation.

Eugene Kaspersky

Chairman and CEO

Kaspersky Lab

IT WAS with deep sorrow that I came across the news of the sad loss of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father and one of the brightest leaders of modern times.

I always admired Mr Lee as the greatest politician of at least two millennia. He was an outstanding leader who brought your country to enjoy both prosperity and well-being; he has made millions across the planet admire the modern history of Singapore and to hold it up as the ideal role model to aim for.

Mr Lee brought hope to millions around the world. His selfless work for the people, his talent to get to the core of problems and successfully solve them, his ability to make the right decisions, his skill of turning noble intentions into reality, his honesty and selflessness - all of that ranks him together with the greatest leader-reformers of the world who have changed the course of history.

Achal Agarwal

President, Asia Pacific


MR LEE Kuan Yew has left an unmatched legacy in a nation that is the Singapore of today - modern, clean, safe, efficient, and one of the least corrupt countries. His vision and contribution towards transforming Asia's smallest country into a prosperous society and an economic giant will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come. A pro-business environment and good governance are some of the key reasons why companies like Kimberly-Clark have established our regional headquarters here.

He laid the foundation of Singapore's success through his strong belief in creating a meritocratic, multi-racial society built on the values of integrity, respect and tolerance. It is one of the few places that provide great business opportunities and is also a place one can call home.

As Singapore continues on its development path, it will have to take a pragmatic approach to change and embrace new opportunities. However, keeping the legacy of Mr Lee's values close to its heart will continue to keep Singapore in good stead and be a source of inspiration for future generations.

Mindy Tan


Newstead Technologies

WE STAND here today a grieving, but strong and vibrant nation. Mr Lee set a solid foundation for businesses - not just for the big boys and foreign investments, but also for homegrown businesses to grow and flourish. From a clean government to business-friendly policies, we are given the perfect ecosystem to succeed and more. Mr Lee was so well-known for his wisdom and foresight, world leaders often sought his counsel. And not forgetting his fighting spirit that led Singapore to where we are today.

I strive to guide my organisation with the same vigour and effectiveness as our late founding father did with Singapore. The best way to honour him is to continue to do our best to be the best and accept nothing less.

Albert Phuay

Chairman & CEO

Excelpoint Technology Limited

I WAS born in 1957, and have gone through the tumultuous times in the 1960s. Since then, I remembered every promise Mr Lee Kuan Yew made. Looking back, he has honoured every word, doing more than his very best to build Singapore, a country I am very proud to call home. He dedicated his every breathing moment to build a better life for his people. He is a spectacular leader respected by the world, an endearing father to Singaporeans and a passionate fighter for the causes he believed in.

So, to our dear founding father, Mr Lee, your sacrifices will never be forgotten. You have inspired so many and your abiding passion has laid a solid foundation for Singapore. I believe Singapore will continue to surprise the world, and every Singaporean will honour your life's work and continue your legacy to build a strong nation for our future generations. Always in our hearts, with love.

Raman Singh


Mundipharma Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

A VISIONARY leader, Mr Lee's courage, foresight, tenacity and determination have greatly helped mould Singapore into the icon of growth and development that it is today. While we mourn the passing of Singapore's founding father, his legacy will continue to live on in our hearts and minds as we stride towards greater excellence for Singapore.

Much like our values at Mundipharma, Mr Lee was always a great supporter of affordable and accessible healthcare right from the very beginning. His call for continued innovation and advancement in healthcare will be our inspiration for years to come, as we work to ensure Singapore's good health for another 50 years.

Chris Gill

General Manager, SE Asia

Friends Provident International

MR LEE Kuan Yew was truly a visionary and the founding father of modern Singapore as it transformed from a Third World to First World nation within 50 short years. He created a country with a highly skilled and articulate workforce, a strong, well-run government providing an attractive gateway to Asia for multinational companies and enabled Singapore businesses to thrive in an open economy.

We call on Singaporeans to honour his vision of Singapore as a global city. In the post-Lee Kuan Yew era, we must continue to adapt and welcome new ideas, and ensure his vision, passion and innovation never fade from memory. With a global mindset, Singapore will continue to stay relevant to international businesses and safeguard its place as a major financial centre. As it has done so successfully in reinventing itself in the past, Singapore's transition over the next 50 years through its ingenuity and resourcefulness will ensure it continues to punch above its weight on the international stage. May his intrepid and enterprising spirit continue to live long in the hearts of Singaporeans after he is gone.

Mark Billington

Regional Director Southeast Asia


MR LEE Kuan Yew once said: "You do not buy and sell this government." It was a strong statement and one said with conviction by a Prime Minister who was strongly opposed to corruption in any form and who ensured that the government and bureaucracy were as well. Because of this, Singapore is today one of the world's safest cities and one of the top places to do business.

I believe that we will best honour his spirit by continuing to champion a clean and corruption-free environment. Though Singapore is a small country without natural resources, it has shown what can be possible by becoming a place where international businesses can do business freely and without uncertainty, and tapping upon the determination and tenacity of its people.

Sam Yap

Group Executive Chairman and Co-Founder

HTwo Education Holdings Pte Ltd

FOR some of us, words cannot explain the significance of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's contributions to Singaporeans and the nation. His contributions came in a "holistic" approach over the time of his leadership. His big ticket items, as I see it, were in education, national development and foreign policies, building international relations between Singapore and the rest of the world. Another visionary contribution was in making Singapore a Clean and Green City, which has added to Singapore's attractiveness as a business centre.

Singapore can best honour his spirit by continuing what he has set for us. We should keep being united as one people and strive for the best in whatever we do. We should go for excellence in a true spirit of honesty, integrity and meritocracy. We must not be afraid to embrace change and innovation if it is in the interest of the nation.

His ideals and principles in leadership must be part of history lessons for all students in school. Perhaps a day can be set aside every year for all to remember his legacy and what he had done for the nation. May Mr Lee rest in peace.

Paul Lim


Soverus Group Pte Ltd

MR LEE Kuan Yew had been nothing short of a miracle for our vulnerable island state of Singapore, leading it from Third World to First in one short generation. In life, he taught us many lessons of which one lies closest to my heart - the importance of meritocracy so that nobody is deprived of an opportunity to be developed to the fullest potential, regardless of family background.

Many of my friends and I were beneficiaries of a meritocratic Singapore espoused and delivered by Mr Lee. But I think the biggest lesson from Mr Lee is that in his death, the nation came together as one to mourn, focusing on the similarities that bind us together, rather than the differences that divide us.

Peh Kim Choo

Director, Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing

Tsao Foundation

FOR the Tsao Foundation, an organisation dedicated to optimising opportunities in longevity, Mr Lee Kuan Yew had always been an illustrious example of successful ageing. He used his longevity with purpose, serving Singapore with passion while engaging with family and friends and prudently taking care of his own health. Singapore's success bears witness to his vision and perseverance.

While becoming an economic dynamo with enviable standards of living and one of the highest average lifespans in the world, Singapore has not lost its Asian heart, and family remains the cornerstone of social life. The country is on track to becoming a home where all ages thrive. We can honour him by taking a page off his book - make Singapore flourish as our home and utilise our hard-won longevity purposefully.

Paul Henaghan

Senior Vice-President, Asia Pacific & Japan

ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide is saddened at the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and would like to express its deepest sympathy to all Singaporeans. His vision for Singapore was crystal-clear: "For Singapore to survive, we have to be extraordinary!" His lifetime work not only launched Singapore onto the world stage in a short time-span of 50 years but also ensured that the island-state topped many of the global development indices. Ultimately, his drive was to ensure Singapore survived and prospered against all odds and on this, he was willing to take on all comers.

Singapore has become a key financial hub for the region, fast becoming a "Smart City" benchmark, leading in the adoption of e-payments and e-commerce in South-east Asia. Mr Lee's vision relied on the adaptability and resolve of Singapore's residents, and we are fast becoming one of the world's leading digital nations. This ability to adapt and embrace innovation is, for ACI at least, the enduring legacy of the founding Prime Minister.

Rick Scurfield



THE legacy Mr Lee Kuan Yew leaves behind is Singapore, a "First World oasis". Modern-day Singapore is where it is today due to the foundation Mr Lee laid in terms of policies, infrastructure and administration - the effective execution of which has been rarely achieved by other leaders within one generation. With this blueprint in hand, Singapore is in good stead to drive its constant state of evolution, to steer through competitive market conditions.

As a developed nation, Singapore is now facing very different challenges from its early independence days - an ageing population and urban density, being the main two. Other developed cities are addressing similar challenges by integrating technology extensively and systematically, particularly IT - giving rise to the Smart City movement. Singapore continues to build on Mr Lee's legacy by developing itself as the world's foremost Smart Nation - integrating data analytics and connected devices to deliver comfort and efficiencies to its citizens, residents and visitors - and becoming the model city globally.

Natalia Shuman

Senior Vice-President and General Manager

EMEA and Asia-Pacific Regions, Kelly Services

THE spectacular growth of Singapore can be largely attributed to Mr Lee Kuan Yew's vision, passion and commitment to the country. The immense contributions he made and the values and ethics he instilled have turned this island state with limited resources into one of the most admired and vibrant global economies, with world-class governance, systems and infrastructure.

Having been in Singapore for 36 years, Kelly Services has witnessed the tremendous transformation of the nation and the evolution of its workforce to become one of the most highly efficient, productive and sought-after today. Aligned with the vision of Mr Lee, we are committed to supporting continuous innovation and encouraging diversity to drive the growth of businesses and the nation. We firmly believe that Mr Lee's legacy will live on, and that the foundation built will continue to serve the nation well for decades to come.

Joshua Yim


Achieve Group

TOGETHER with the entire nation of Singapore, I am deeply saddened by the loss of our first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. As a people, we now enjoy the fruit of Singapore's success because of the extraordinary leadership, foresight and hard work put forth by Mr Lee and his team in building up this country and making Singapore a better place for us all. As a born and bred Singaporean, I am completely in debt to Mr Lee and am extremely grateful for his contributions and sacrifices for this nation.

Yet at this juncture, the baton is with us and our future generations to continue building upon the works of their labour; what our pioneering leaders laid down their lives for. Just as any father would want his children to have good values and principles, Mr Lee would definitely wish his people - fellow Singaporeans - to be a diligent, hardworking people of integrity, following in his example and living impactful lives to help make this world a better place. That, I truly believe, would be the best way to honour him and give the greatest gift to our country's founding father, Mr Lee.

Ronald Lee

Managing Director

PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

IT IS with a heavy heart that I write this, as we mourn the loss of a truly great man. Mr Lee was a true visionary who dedicated his life to building a nation from the ground up. Through his exceptional leadership and statesmanship, Mr Lee has left a profound impact on the world, and as a nation, we owe him a great debt. His passing is a turning point in history and it is poignant that as we pay homage to his remarkable achievements, we also reflect on how we can best honour his spirit going forward.

For the country's leaders, it would be to continue Mr Lee's legacy in terms of ensuring the economic prosperity of Singapore, the spirit of meritocracy, multi-racial harmony, and clean government, among others. Personally, it is my hope that Singaporeans young and old continue to hold this gratitude in their hearts. We ought to remind ourselves not to take Singapore's success for granted and remember that we are indeed blessed as a nation today because of the vision, unfailing devotion and hard work of a great man.

Arthur Fong

Managing Director

3M Singapore

AS A Singaporean growing up in the '60s and '70s, I have been personally touched by Mr Lee's policies such as housing and education. As a business leader in 3M today, I am even more appreciative of Mr Lee's vision of turning Singapore into a safe, secure and business-friendly place replete with skilled talent.

It is on this fertile ground that 3M has grown its Singapore operations to include R&D, manufacturing and supply chain for Asia-Pacific. In keeping with Mr Lee's determination of driving Singapore to be the best, 3M similarly will continue to keep on the forefront of science and innovation to produce breakthrough technologies to improve lives and businesses all over the world.

Nuno Pereira

Director, APAC


JOINING Singaporeans from all walks of life, young and old, OutSystems expresses utmost appreciation for Singapore's founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. His dedication and commitment to the nation and its people is unparalleled and truly inspiring. An extraordinary and driven leader, Mr Lee spurred growth and innovation that led Singapore to be a reputable nation of sustainable greatness.

His legacy will be carried on as Singapore prospers further to becoming a leading nation as he played a key role in placing Singapore on the international map. This allows enterprises like us to operate in Singapore, the strategic hub in Asia.

We are entirely motivated by how Mr Lee brought up Singapore to what it is today, where its success story has transcended beyond the little red dot to the rest of the world.

Serene Lam

Managing Director

CareerBuilder Singapore 

MR LEE Kuan Yew has shaped the economy and labour force with his vision, thus ensuring the success of Singapore by making the best use of their only resource: human capital. He understood that in order to establish a skilled workforce, a foundation had to be set by creating a literate and educated population. Through Mr Lee's foresight, Singapore moved from being a labour-intensive economy to a First World, skill-intensive nation within the span of a few decades.

Singapore has come a long way from a sleepy kampong to the economic powerhouse that we are today. We owe this immense progress to Mr Lee and while we grieve together with the rest of the country, we must also strive to uphold his legacy. As we move to the next milestone of nation-building, we must continue to build on his invaluable contributions. No action is too small, from the constant upgrading of skills to ensure competitiveness, to adopting an entrepreneurial spirit which allows us to give back to Singapore.

Patrick Sim

Senior Vice-President

Orange Business Services Asia Pacific

UNDENIABLY, a cornerstone of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's lifetime work is the culture of excellence that he built up in Singapore. Through his relentless drive for efficiency and innovation, Singapore offered international businesses an attractive location to set up their regional headquarters and a natural destination for investments.

Singapore has already embraced Mr Lee's legacy with continuous efforts in adopting technology and seeking new ways to raise productivity to remain competitive. In recent years, Singapore has introduced various initiatives that encourage businesses to boost operational efficiency through automation. On a greater scale, the Smart Nation goal rallies Singapore to embrace technology to enhance the country's future and the lives of people. The government is working to enable machine-to-machine technology within homes throughout the nation that could pave the way for home-based healthcare and remote patient monitoring. Exploration in the fields of Big Data and Internet of Things will not only be a boon to the economy, but a necessity for Singapore to take the next big leap.

Singapore has benefited immensely from Mr Lee's vision and leadership to innovate and become a technologically advanced city-state. As we enter a post-Lee Kuan Yew era, Singapore must endeavour to uphold his spirit of innovation and excellence, to enable the country to continue to shine on the global stage.

Pang Yee Ean


Surbana International Consultants

MR LEE Kuan Yew, our founding Prime Minister, was the chief conceptualiser of Singapore's urban landscape.

Among numerous achievements in urbanisation, Mr Lee and his comrades initiated the HDB housing programme that gave Surbana the opportunity to design and manage one million homes for Singaporeans over 50 years and build a unique capability for developing affordable housing that is now recognised around the world.

Mr Lee also envisioned a Garden City as the foundation for sustainable urbanisation long before "sustainability" and "green" became fashionable. This helped Surbana build its green capabilities which it is also exporting to the world.

Without Mr Lee, there would not be a Singapore. Without Mr Lee, Surbana would also not have developed into the regional engineering and urban consultancy powerhouse it is today.

Lim See Wah

Managing Director

Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd

WITH the passing of Mr Lee, we have reached a key milestone in the journey of nation-building. He has ignited the torch of nationhood; it's for us, the sons and daughters of Singapore, to carry the torch forward and keep it burning bright. This is so that our children and grandchildren will continue to have a place in this world where they can grow, aspire and build their own family.

Building a strong economy for Singapore will be critical for securing this future. As a homegrown company, we must contribute in this process. By doing our best, seeking to pursue excellence, innovate and create value, we too can be a part of the success of the future of Singapore.

Richard Hoon


Centre for Fathering

MR LEE Kuan Yew led Singapore through the most difficult of times like how a father would lead his family. He worried for Singapore like how a father would worry for his children. He protected Singapore like how a father would protect his children from danger or harm. His incomparable leadership, undivided focus and unparalleled determination have made Singapore a better home for us all.

At the Centre for Fathering (CFF), we endeavour to turn the hearts of children towards their fathers through inculcating engaged and active fathering, and will take inspiration from the life and fathering legacy of Mr Lee.

Mr Lee will live on in our hearts and minds, as we saw in these past days that Singaporeans from all walks of life have already turned their hearts towards our founding father. CFF will continue his legacy by ensuring our future generations emulate his fathering spirit.

Lim Soon Hock

Managing Director

Plan-B Icag Pte Ltd

FOUNDING Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew taught us that it is possible to dream the impossible and turn it into a reality. We thank him for teaching us to always have conviction in what we do. We learn from him that it is our obligation to always leave a legacy to future generations, so that they will soar to greater heights.

At Halogen Foundation Singapore, an IPC, we focus on transforming our youths, especially those who need the most help and/or are at risk, into more socially and economically responsible individuals, to lead themselves and others, and to make positive changes, through our proven leadership and entrepreneurship programmes. We aim to uplift more of our youths to build a better future for Singapore, through enhancing social mobility and eradicating elitism. In doing so, we hope to contribute in our own small way, to continue the many legacies which our founding father has left us, when he resolutely and cleverly transformed Singapore from an undeveloped country into a First World nation.

(Mr Lim is also chairman of Halogen Foundation Singapore)

Michael Chia


Singapore Maritime Foundation

WE ARE deeply saddened by the passing of our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and on behalf of the Singapore Maritime Foundation board of directors, management and staff, I would like to express my deepest condolences to his family.

It was with Mr Lee's bold vision, great foresight and determination that Singapore has been propelled to the economic prosperity that it enjoys today. We will always remember his contributions to the general development of Singapore and specifically its growth as a global hub port and maritime centre.

The maritime industry will continue to work hard and build on his legacy going forward.

Thirumalai Chandroo


Modern Montessori International Group

OUR founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had many facets to him - he was a father, a husband, a change maker, a visionary, an adviser - but his pivotal role was that of Singapore's dynamic and far-sighted leader. I have always looked up to his tenacity, nous and strength. Mr Lee was an institution of knowledge, experience and pragmatism. Internationally Singapore is synonymous with the name Lee Kuan Yew, which is a significant indicator of his impact on Singapore through his resolve, love and fortitude for his country. Singapore was his heart and soul and the success of this nation is a testament to his genius and unparalleled commitment to Singaporeans.

He was a giant among men of steel. Mr Lee said this shortly after the separation from Malaysia: "I am not here to play somebody else's game. I have a few million lives to account for; Singapore will survive!" Mr Lee was a man who was ahead of his time, he was never a leader for short-term solutions and he was in this monumental crusade for success for the long haul. From a turbulent and uncertain era, he created in 50 years an economy that has become a power to be reckoned with. When we look around Singapore, his realised ideas, dreams and goals are profoundly evident. He transformed an improbable "country" into a metropolis; hence we know that we not merely made it, we also blew away naysayers.

He was meticulous and tireless in his pursuit to ensure that every aspect of a Singaporean's life was accounted for - education, housing, security, safety, employment, medical care and a high standard of living. This quest is still ongoing today. As we look to a future without him, we will constantly keep in our hearts the most precious gift his life has taught us - the confidence to always achieve.

With that, we can realise dreams and most certainly be assured of an optimistic future. We have plenty to be proud of and much to reflect upon as we surge forward as a united nation during this period. His passing marks the end of an era, and thus the best way for Singaporeans to honour Mr Lee would be to strive for a new epoch of self-starters who would continue to propel Singapore's success. The best means to do this is to be fearless in pursuing our dreams and goals for ourselves, our businesses and for our country. We have to love the country with the fervour as he did and protect what our founding fathers have earnestly fought for and built for us. We are a young nation at 50, but our prosperity and progress is strong beyond our years. Thus let's go on to place Singapore on the world map for the next generation - that is what will continue his legacy for years to come.

R Sinnakaruppan


Singapore Education Academy Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

THE May 2011 general election was a watershed. Singaporeans expressed dissatisfaction with policy shortcomings by a new, less experienced third generation Cabinet. The ruling People's Action Party government may have relied on a brute labour productivity strategy to enhance economic growth partly via an immigration policy at all levels (C-Suite, white and blue collar) as a counter-measure against the decade's global traumas - namely 9/11, Sars, 2008 Global Financial Crisis, etc. But local woes like the displacement of senior local executives and lagging infrastructure infuriated Singaporeans.

Post-election, the government moved swiftly to address all the attendant problems of housing and transport and finetuned the immigration policy, as well as steered focus away from a hard emphasis on GDP growth. Still, even now in 2015, Singaporeans don't seem to "forgive" the government despite its sincere best efforts to remedy any immigration policy miscues. It seems like a situation of "damn if you do and damn if you don't" for the PAP government. With the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a viral fervour of national spirit has swept across Singapore, reflecting on and celebrating his foundational policies of a corruption-free, meritocracy-based society that rewards hard work and enterprise. It is time that Singaporeans put the past mis-steps behind and recognise that many of Mr Lee's policies in the past 50 years helped us succeed and will still help us succeed in the next 50 years. Let this spirit linger on, otherwise Singaporeans may inadvertently "throw the baby out of the bathwater" in the next election.

(Mr Sinnakaruppan is a former PAP Member of Parliament)


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