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UBS going bigger on digital services

New platform will boost clients' access to relevant markets and portfolio analysis next April

'We'll see volatility, and you need to be alert 24/7. This part of the world is hugely dependent on energy and commodities, and on equity market correlations. So we need to watch that space . . . We believe this is an environment where you need a certain level of risk appetite, but you need a strategy and you need to follow up on it . . . It is proven that if you invest in a globally diversified strategy, you outperform any benchmark or index. So that's what we try to do.' - Juerg Zeltner, CEO, UBS Wealth Management

PRIVATE banking prides itself on a personalised relationship, but UBS will take this a step further next April through a digital platform that will enable clients to access virtually any market that is relevant to their portfolios. UBS Wealth Management chief executive Juerg Zeltner says the...