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Bubble, bubble, toil and tea


IT STARTED off as a food fad, which faded, but is now back in business with seemingly more staying power than before. What's behind the return of bubble tea, why is it so captivating to consumers both at home and away, and how is today's bubble tea business different from before? Brunch digs into the depths of the tea drink trade in search of pearls of wisdom, this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend.

Singapore and Britain's ties are steeped in history and this augurs well for the future as both countries move forward - from coloniser and colonised to partners in a new era of innovation. The Raffles Conversation speaks to outgoing British High Commissioner Scott Wightman.

How should supervisors in investment advisory firms act in handling employee misconduct? CFA Singapore Insights looks at a case involving a "pump and dump" trading scheme.

Procrastination has been associated with laziness or bad time management, but they are really quite different animals altogether. In fact, procrastination is a way of coping with the negative emotions - boredom, anxiety, self-doubt - that come from completing certain assignments. How do we fix it? Cubicle Files has some suggestions.

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If you can't decide between a rugged sport utility vehicle and a slinky coupe for your next Porsche, the sleek new Cayenne Coupe is just the thing. The Steering Column takes it out for a spin.

And in our Health page, a look at the various treatments for acne scars.

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