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Scrapping the retirement age


About 1 in 4 of Singapore's current labour force is 55 and older, that is, fast approching retirement age. So when insurer Prudential scrapped the retirement age for its employees, it not only eased the anxieties of many senior workers who have benefited from their continued employment, it has also paved the way for other companies to do the same.

In working towards keeping seniors employed, how can we strike the right balance between being pro-worker and pro-business? Brunch in The Business Times Weekend looks at the case for extended careers.

In The Raffles Conversation, KPMG chairman Bill Thomas tells how technology has impacted the work of auditors, and delivers a robust defence of his profession in the face of recent accounting scandals.

The pace of change is only one reason that long-established management techniques no longer work so well. Freely available knowledge, instant communication, effective social media and widespread understanding of human rights all contribute to an employment market where handling people becomes a skill all managers must upgrade. In a new series, Management Unleashed, John Bittleston suggests novel ways in which new challenges facing managers at all levels can be met.

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One of the traditional highlights of the British sporting year takes place this weekend when the major clubs join the FA Cup in the third round but, with every passing season, its famed "romance" appears the preserve of die-hard traditionalists, says The Finish Line.

And in The Steering Column, our motoring writer takes the Mercedes-Benz A200 out for a spin and asks: Is it really the Mercedes of hatchbacks?

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