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Taking a peep into the next decade


WHAT a difference a decade makes. Smartphones, streaming TV, social media, influencers, memes and dating apps have completely changed the way we connect and consume information. Dramatic social and political change (think climate crisis, #MeToo, Trump and Brexit) and even the way we eat (plant-based burgers and lab meat, anyone?), travel and shop have altered our lives in ways we could not possibly have predicted. Therein lies the question: What next?

As we head into a brand new decade, Weekend magazine seeks out experts who give their take on what the 2020s will be like. Impossible and Beyond burgers, insect protein and lab-cultured meat look set to stay, and will become more affordable, say pundits. People will continue to travel but there's more emphasis on the environment and conservation to balance out the high carbon footprint. As for shopping, design and the arts, expect co-living, luxury retirement villages, personalised retail and immersive theatre to define the new decade.

We also speak to Toh Yah Li, lighting designer extraordinaire - one of the top 40 Under-40 designers in the world who make building spaces come to life with light. And no, it has nothing to do with picking out chandeliers.

Gear up for Chinese New Year with our annual spotlight on Bountiful Harvests - a comprehensive guide to the best places for reunion dinner, or takeaways for celebrating at home. For watch aficionados, luxury timepiece brands are spot on with the Chinese zodiac as they come up with designs to mark the Year of the Rat. At the same time, find out how a simple room addition turned into the complete retrofit of a terrace home to accomodate every family member's needs.