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Valentine's is not just for one day


IT'S Valentine's Day and novel coronavirus fears notwithstanding, it's still a big day for romancing couples who are filling up restaurants across the city in a collective proclamation of love.

In Friday's issue of Weekend magazine, we go beyond the one-day lovefest to the long-term dedication of couples who are not just life partners but business partners as well. We meet five husband-and-wife teams in various sectors - aesthetics, restaurants, design and entertainment - and learn about patience, give-and-take and never going to bed angry, even as they grapple with differences of opinions, the fallout of bad decisions and just general irritations. But these couples also show that two heads are better than one, and that being united by a common goal makes them a dynamic duo.

If you're looking for a romantic getaway, you need look no further than James and Tamara Lohan - the founders of hip hotel guide Mr & Mrs Smith - for suggestions on where to go for a sexy romp for two. Or maybe more? In fact, with changing perceptions of sexuality, social norms and political change, the definitions of love and coupledom are getting wider, and for this reason, Mr & Mrs Smith commissioned a report on modern love - which throws up some interesting observations about love. Find out more in our conversation with the couple.

But for the old-fashioned who think Valentine's Day still revolves around his-and-hers gifts or at least something blingy and feminine for her, check out our line-up of romantic watches as luxury brands get hit by Cupid's arrow.

Meanwhile, for art fans, we check out what's in store at the Dhaka Art Summit; and find out how a young married couple has futureproofed their first home.