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China rate cut fuels Asian equity rally

CHINA'S unexpected interest rate cuts, its first in almost two years, provided the fuel for rallies in some Asian stock markets on Monday. But the bounce could be short-lived when the dust clears and investors are reminded the country's...

Government & Economy

THE Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) now has more teeth to curb abuse of the Productivity and Innovation (PIC) scheme, after new laws were passed to introduce measures to clamp down on errant claims.

Government & Economy

SINGAPORE's headline inflation eased to 0.1 per cent in October from 0.6 per cent in September - its lowest since December 2009 - but that only tells one side of the story. At 1.7 per cent, core inflation (although less than September's 1.9 per...


THE Hong Kong stock exchange is working with regulators to fan interest among mainland investors to trade Hong Kong stocks via the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect.

Government & Economy

IN what economist-blogger Hishamrais Hussein described in a post on Monday as "an outbreak of common sense", the Malaysian government has decided to abolish subsidies for RON95 petrol and diesel. ...

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How private housing rents have moved

Shrinking housing budgets for expats and a supply glut of completed condo homes are key factors that have been weakening the rental market. BT compares how much rentals have fallen across various...

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