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Global headwinds may slow Singapore's growth

A LITANY of external risks could throw the official 2-4 per cent growth forecast for 2015 off-course, even as the government announced better-than-expected Q3 GDP numbers and projected economic growth of "around 3 per cent" for 2014...

Government & Economy

SINGAPORE'S manufacturing sector expanded - albeit barely - in October, with industrial output rising just 0.2 per cent on a year-on-year basis...

Companies & Markets

FAMILY offices in Asia-Pacific did poorer than their European and North American counterparts over the last 12 months, a study by UBS and Campden Research showed on Wednesday. Family offices are wealth management advisory set-ups that serve the financial...


[TOKYO] The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has indefinitely shelved plan to hold a two-hour evening session, which was being considered as a way for the bourse to better compete with rivals in Europe and the United States.

Government & Economy

SINGAPORE'S economy is expected to have a "continued sub-par performance" due to a lack of visibility that will hamper any significant rebound in domestic demand, even as Singaporean consumer confidence inched upwards in November, said ANZ...

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Focus: Chemicals Hub

Five years since land reclamation was completed, Jurong Island is now home to more than 100 companies with investments of over S$47 billion. Of this, more than S$10 billion was committed in the past two years alone. BT looks back at the process of creating the island, and the investments that made it what it is today.

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