Government & Economy

New rules to boost construction skills

WITH the inflow of foreign workers easing to the pace that the government wants, the policy focus is now shifting to raising the quality of these workers - starting with the construction sector.

Banking & Finance

SLIDING Singapore home prices - especially those of high-end residences - are piling on more bad loans onto local banks' non-performing loan (NPL) books...

Government & Economy

THE Arbitral Tribunal has ruled that development charges on three former Malayan Railway (KTM) sites in Singapore in Tanjong Pagar, Kranji and Woodlands will not be payable.

Government & Economy

MANUFACTURERS in Singapore are looking less optimistic about their prospects in their next six months, a government survey has found.

Banking & Finance

Bank lending in Singapore dollars showed no growth in September compared to a month ago, figures released by the Monetary Authority of Singapore showed on Friday.

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Can they finally QE-it?

The US Fed has twice tried to exit quantitative easing, only to be pulled back in. Will they be third time lucky?

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