Telcos face new rivals, old problems

COME 2015, the Big Three telcos will find themselves competing harder not just with each other but with smaller players keen on their turf. At the same time, the operators will keep grappling with old chestnuts such as when data monetisation will pay off...

Banking & Finance

The government is proposing - and seeking feedback on - new policies to enhance credit co-operatives' (credit co-ops) financial prudence, governance and management capabilities, with changes targeted for full implementation by 2018...

Companies & Markets

[SYDNEY] Cashed-up Australian telecom giant Telstra said Tuesday it has agreed to buy Pacnet, Asia’s biggest private owner of submarine communication cables, for US$697 million in one of its largest acquisition to date.

Government & Economy

[WASHINGTON] North Korea experienced Internet outages on Monday, a US company that monitors Internet infrastructure said, adding that the reason for the problems was not known. "For the past 24 hours North Korea's connectivity to the outside...

Government & Economy

[BEIJING] The Communist Party has begun an investigation of a top aide to former President Hu Jintao, demonstrating the lengths to which President Xi Jinping is willing to go in his campaign to root out official corruption in China.

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Rouble rousing

Will the rouble rout set off a major currency crisis to rival the shocks of the late 1990s?

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