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THIRTEEN Duxton Hill is located at, uh, 13 Duxton Hill. That can only mean one of two things: the owner has a sense of humour about superstition; or he's one of those weirdos who carry black cats around, looking for ladders to walk under. Or the...

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[WASHINGTON] Adolf Hitler's personal telephone, which the Fuehrer used to dictate many of his deadly World War II commands, sold at auction on...

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The SME Magazine (January/February 2017)

The SME Magazine (January/February 2017)

Editor's Letter

THE New Year has arrived, and I hope all of you had the opportunity to rejuvenate and spend quality time with loved ones. After all, what is the point of all our hard work if our relationships or...

Wealth (December 2016)

Wealth (December 2016)
Osim International founder Ron Sim began his entrepreneurial journey inauspiciously as a commissioned salesman, armed with just an O-level education.