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MAS lays out risks for Singapore private debt

THE Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on Thursday laid out the potential strains on highly indebted corporates and households in Singapore, just a day after developers' spirited call to lift property market curbs and ahead of US moves towards...

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ALMOST half the winners honoured at the Enterprise 50 Awards dinner were fresh faces, upping the ante at what has become one of the most prestigious award evenings on the corporate calendar.

Energy & Commodities

[NEW YORK] Brent crude oil plunged as much as US$6.50 a barrel on Thursday, and US crude fell by nearly as much, posting the steepest one-day falls since 2011, after OPEC decided against cutting output despite a huge oversupply in world markets.

Banking & Finance

THE cooling measures in the property sector have had a clear drag on demand in housing loans, yet private home prices simply have not fallen enough, data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) suggested on Thursday.

Banking & Finance

DEMAND for loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is expected to grow at a slower pace than in recent quarters, due to more "challenging economic conditions" in the short term, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said on Thursday...

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Focus: Chemicals Hub

Five years since land reclamation was completed, Jurong Island is now home to more than 100 companies with investments of over S$47 billion. Of this, more than S$10 billion was committed in the past two years alone. BT looks back at the process of creating the island, and the investments that made it what it is today.

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