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THE prolonged haze continues to disrupt businesses and events in Singapore as visitorship to attractions declines and events are cancelled, leaving firms still counting the costs.




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I FEAR for my future. I fear a future where restaurants no longer accept old people. They're doing it now. They don't say so, but I can read between the lines: "If you do not like cramped spaces, communal-style eating, bar stools, frat boy...

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Acronis BT subscription


SEVENTEEN days after sweeping to a convincing general election victory, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday announced a major shake-up to his Cabinet, with a larger line-up in place to prepare the next team of leaders to take over after the next polls.


Haze has hit Singapore again, posing health hazards as well as economic losses. BT looks at the causes, the worst incidents so far and the key developments that may add some visibility to the situation.