Government & Economy

Singapore inflation eases further to 0.6% in September

CONSUMER price inflation again eased more than expected to 0.6 per cent in September, as drops in housing and transport costs offset higher food prices.

Companies & Markets

MORE family businesses in Singapore intend to sell the business or head for an initial public offering (IPO), compared to their global counterparts, a PwC survey on Thursday found.

Real Estate

THE ramp-up in supply of industrial land and space by the government is showing a more decided impact on industrial property prices, which turned south in the third quarter.


KISHORE Rochey was a trading representative for 20 years before calling it quits in September this year. He said that the average net commission earned by his peers has been on the decline, with through-the-grapevine estimates falling from around S$6,000...

Companies & Markets

CAPITALAND'S The Ascott has inked several agreements with Quest Serviced Apartments in Australia to increase its exposure Down Under. ...

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SIA: Battling headwinds

As the group faces challenges in the form of stiff competition in the premium space, overcapacity in the regional markets, uncertainties in the global economy and weaker yields, here's how...

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