SIA back in hangar for strategic MRO

IT'S tough being Singapore Airlines (SIA). Faced with arguably one of its most trying periods yet, SIA has its work cut out to position itself on a stronger footing for the long-haul, and its efforts may take time to bear fruit, analysts say. ...

Real Estate

SINGAPORE sovereign wealth fund GIC is sinking what some have estimated to be in the region of US$1.7 billion (S$2.2 billion) into one of Tokyo's most prime office spaces...

Government & Economy

THE former governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, took the oath of office on Monday, becoming the seventh president of Indonesia, capping a meteoric rise in less than a decade from life as a furniture business owner hundreds of...

Government & Economy

JOKO Widodo's inauguration as Indonesia's new president lacks the ebullience of his July election victory...


TIGER Airways and Scoot will find more room to work together, following the move by Singapore Airlines (SIA) to raise its stake in embattled Tiger.


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How Singapore's monetary policy works

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is keeping the Singapore dollar on an appreciating path. Find out how the central bank manages the Singapore dollar to keep inflation at bay.

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