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Government & Economy

Human capital development still top priority for Singapore

IMD's latest World Talent Report is another sharp reminder that Singapore needs to do more to develop its local talent pool, even as it continues to attract foreign high-skilled labour, observers say. The annual report, released on Tuesday, ranked...


SINGAPORE'S Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Friday introduced a basic regulatory framework for third-party taxi-booking apps, in the latest move by a government to regulate such services that observers said have disrupted the taxi industry...

Government & Economy

PRIME Minister Shinzo Abe formally dissolved the lower house of Japan's Parliament on Friday, ahead of next month's snap election to which many voters are opposed, and which analysts say could lose his ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) a...

Government & Economy

CHINA cut benchmark interest rates for the first time since July 2012 as leaders step up support for the world's second-largest economy...

Government & Economy

MALAYSIA will abolish subsidies for petrol and diesel starting next month as falling oil prices provide Prime Minister Najib Razak the opportunity to end a decades-old policy of cheap fuel.

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How private housing rents have moved

Shrinking housing budgets for expats and a supply glut of completed condo homes are key factors that have been weakening the rental market. BT compares how much rentals have fallen across various...

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