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AN interesting element of the Singapore story is the city-state's transformation into a "smart" city. A city can be defined as smart when urbanites enjoy a high quality of life, good education, jobs, health, connectivity, security, mobility and so on, enabled by good governance and relevant technologies (for example, sensors) aimed at enhancing urban sustainable development.

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JAPAN'S business investment in China has plunged dramatically in the...
[SINGAPORE] Mid-sized property developers in Singapore have joined...
[SINGAPORE] The Singapore arm of GlobalFoundries (GF) - or what was...

JAPAN'S business investment in China has plunged dramatically in the wake of fights between the two countries over territorial and other issues while Asean has emerged as a major alternative pole for Japanese investment, according to new data from the Japan External Trade Organisation (Jetro).



THE self-storage industry, fresh from a round of consolidation last year, is likely to face another round in the coming years. But that is not stopping Lock+Store from ramping up its expansion plans.


A YOUNG start-up in Singapore which matches interns with job attachments in Singapore and the region has attracted the attention of a home-grown start-up incubator.

Singapore Markets

THE irony has probably escaped many in the market but it bears highlighting - the Straits Times Index, which has 11 components stocks still in negative territory for the year to date, is at its highest in about eight months. Thanks largely to massive outperformance by a few stocks - Olam International, for example, because of its Temasek Holdings takeover, and the Jardine group, which has only a secondary listing here and whose inclusion in the STI has been a source of controversy for quite some time.


THERE are not many options left for national carrier Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS) to return to profitability besides privatisation or declaring bankruptcy.


[JAKARTA] Consumer-focused companies from Ikea to European carmakers are putting money into Indonesia to target the country's young population.


[WASHINGTON] President Barack Obama will not visit China on his Asia tour this week, but its broadening shadow will be cast everywhere he goes at a time of complex regional disputes and questions about US strategy.


[NEW DELHI] Diageo hopes it will be second time lucky for its US$1.9 billion offer to wrest majority control of India's United Spirits as the British booze giant seeks to ramp up its presence in the whisky-loving nation.


[NEW YORK] Bank of America Corp and the New York Stock Exchange were among dozens of exchanges, brokerages and traders sued over high-frequency trading by the city of Providence, Rhode Island, over claims that they rigged securities markets to divert billions of dollars from buyers and sellers of shares.

Transport Hub

[ROME] Etihad Airways has toughened its stance on conditions for investing in Italy's struggling Alitalia in continuing negotiations between the airlines, sources close to the matter said.



IT can't be easy opening a new European restaurant in Singapore. With every other chef opening a French, Italian or Spanish place, what can you do that hasn't already been done before?


HAVING heard how difficult it is to pair chocolates with wine, oenologist John Wade signed up for a short course, and within six months, exchanged his 40-year wine-making career for a new one in chocolate.


"Sporty performance" is not a label often used for a model in the Mercedes-Benz range of family sedans. But when it comes to the new C400 4Matic, it seems totally appropriate. The Mercedes-Benz C400 4Matic compact saloon is a high-end variant of the new C-Class line-up that will arrive here later this year.



WHILE the Heartbleed bug is very much in the news due to its sheer scale, it is by no means the only threat or the most dangerous one out on the Internet. A new report...

Young Investor

IT'S hard to find a place today where concepts of behavioural finance aren't being applied to real-world situations. From London to Washington to Sydney, governments are...


Since the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused the catastrophic meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March 2011, Japan’s nuclear energy...

Executive Money

THE past two years have been outstanding from the perspective of equity investors but it cannot be assumed that returns of 15 per cent to 20 per cent represent the new...


A CONSORTIUM that includes private equity group KOP is believed to be doing exclusive due diligence on a potential purchase of Keppel Reit's majority stake in Prudential...

Raffles Conversation

THERE'S no other way to spin it - as the chief executive of communications firm Porter Novelli, Karen van Bergen is one of the few women who has made it to the top of...



Are you comfortable with higher taxes to pay for healthcare, housing and infrastructure initiatives?

Observers say taxes may be raised in the next couple of years - with more falling on the wealthier - to ensure that the long-term healthcare, housing and infrastructure initiatives announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally can be paid for.