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Government & Economy

Global headwinds may slow Singapore's growth

A LITANY of external risks could throw the official 2-4 per cent growth forecast for 2015 off-course, even as the government announced better-than-expected Q3 GDP numbers and projected economic growth of "around 3 per cent" for 2014...


THE popular Natas travel fair may be in danger of coming apart at the seams.

Banking & Finance

EMERGING East Asia's local currency bond markets continue to expand, with Singapore's market the fastest-growing in the third quarter, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has said...

Government & Economy

ALL 82,000 civil servants in Singapore will receive a year-end annual variable component (AVC) bonus of 0.8 month, on top of the traditional 13th-month bonus.

Government & Economy

SINGAPORE's overall unit labour cost rose 4.4 per cent in the third quarter of 2014 - its fastest pace in over a year - as the effects of restructuring policies that are keeping the labour market tight continue to work their way through the economy...

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How private housing rents have moved

Shrinking housing budgets for expats and a supply glut of completed condo homes are key factors that have been weakening the rental market. BT compares how much rentals have fallen across various...

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