Government & Economy

Fed confident on US growth, opens door wider to rate hike

[WASHINGTON] The Federal Reserve on Wednesday offered a strong signal that it was on track to raise interest rates sometime next year, altering a pledge to keep them near zero for a "considerable time" in a show of confidence in the US economy...

Energy & Commodities

[NEW YORK] World oil prices jumped as much as 6 per cent on Wednesday before closing off their peaks as weeks of nearly non-stop selling abruptly halted, and traders said failure to break below key chart support levels meant a long rout may be running...

Government & Economy

EVEN before volatility in the global financial markets spiked again in recent weeks, Singapore's private sector economists had already tempered their growth expectations for this year and next. And as the year closes with the global economy looking...

Government & Economy

EMERGENCY measures failed for a second time this week to reverse a rout in the rouble, narrowing Russian President Vladimir Putin's options in confronting the country's deepest financial crisis since 1998...


DESPITE a drastic 6.5 percentage point interest-rate hike by the Russian central bank on Monday in a bid to prop up the country's falling currency, the rouble has continued to get battered, prompting fears of an economic crisis. It has already lost...

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Pump prices have not fallen as fast as wholesale crude. We drill to the bottom of the discrepancy.

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