Government & Economy

Putin promises economic recovery, digs in on Ukraine

[MOSCOW] President Vladimir Putin on Thursday tried to quell fears of economic collapse and vowed rapid recovery from the worst financial crisis of his rule but stressed that his position on Ukraine has not shifted.

Government & Economy

[FRANKFURT] The world's major central banks are scrambling to work through the implications of the near halving of the price of oil in the second half of 2014, and they are coming up with very different conclusions...

Government & Economy

[WASHINGTON] The Federal Reserve on Wednesday offered a strong signal that it was on track to raise interest rates sometime next year, altering a pledge to keep them near zero for a "considerable time" in a show of confidence in the US economy...

Government & Economy

[MOSCOW] The ruble rallied in early trading on Thursday ahead of President Vladimir Putin's eagerly-awaited annual press-conference, where he is expected to give his views on the financial crisis rocking Russia...

Energy & Commodities

[SINGAPORE] Oil prices edged higher in Asia on Thursday after data showed US stockpiles dipping, while the Federal Reserve indicated interest rates would not be hiked until the middle of next year.

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Will the rouble rout set off a major currency crisis to rival the shocks of the late 1990s?

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