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Government & Economy

Global economy stumbles, but Singapore uptick still seen

THE global economy - which Singapore now relies on more heavily to support growth given domestic restructuring's drag - has been handed a negative report card in a week heavy with economic data: Japan fell unexpectedly into recession, the eurozone...

Government & Economy

SINGAPORE is ranked only 16th in the world when it comes to talent competitiveness, due to its imbalance in optimising homegrown talent and attracting those from overseas.

Companies & Markets

THE Singapore market appears fully priced at 13.5 times forward earnings, close to one standard deviation above its seven-year average, said brokerage Maybank Kim Eng Research in a recent report.


[WASHINGTON] A bare 0.004 per cent of the world's adult population controls nearly US$30 trillion (S$39 trillion)in assets, 13 per cent of the world's total wealth, according to a new study released Thursday...

Companies & Markets

DEFENCE conglomerate Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering) has announced new roles for some of its key management on Friday morning.

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How private housing rents have moved

Shrinking housing budgets for expats and a supply glut of completed condo homes are key factors that have been weakening the rental market. BT compares how much rentals have fallen across various...

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