Share traders calling it a day as market volume dries up

KISHORE Rochey was a trading representative for 20 years before calling it quits in September this year. He said that the average net commission earned by his peers has been on the decline, with through-the-grapevine estimates falling from around S$6,000...

Real Estate

KISHIN RK, who founded property and hotel group RB Capital in 2006, plans to integrate the group's portfolio of assets with that of his father's Royal Holdings - resulting in a combined value of around S$4.5 billion...

Government & Economy

THE global economy is beset by increasing "downside risks", Asia-Pacific finance chiefs said on Wednesday, a day after growth in China hit a five-year low...

Life & Culture

LEADING drugmakers plan to work together to accelerate development of an Ebola vaccine and produce millions of doses of the most effective experimental product for use next year.

Energy & Commodities

EUROPEAN Union leaders face hours of haggling as they seek to agree on a new decade of climate and energy policy at talks beginning on Thursday, with nations from Poland to Portugal threatening to block a deal.


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SIA: Battling headwinds

As the group faces challenges in the form of stiff competition in the premium space, overcapacity in the regional markets, uncertainties in the global economy and weaker yields, here's how...

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