New buzz but common constraints

THE year 2014 has been nothing short of bustling for entrepreneurship in Singapore as many startups won landmark funding and scored high valuations, as more money and entrepreneurs entered the scene. But some observers noted the relative lack of "...

Banking & Finance

CORPORATE treasurers of large firms looking to limit foreign exchange losses amid ongoing currency volatility have been willing to pay a premium to issue local-currency debt, a top executive at JPMorgan told The Business Times.


LAST week, the stock market had one of its strongest two-day rallies of the last five years as the Federal Reserve told the bulls exactly what they wanted to hear.


US investors were big sellers of most foreign stocks in the third quarter but cautiously continued to pick up Asian stocks, including those listed in Singapore. Meanwhile, Singapore investors, who had been clearing their holdings of US equities lately,...

Energy & Commodities

SAUDI Arabia's oil minister on Sunday defended Opec's decision to keep output steady despite the biggest market slump in years, saying current prices would help global economic growth and petroleum demand, while Arab states would escape major...

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Rouble rousing

Will the rouble rout set off a major currency crisis to rival the shocks of the late 1990s?

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