Energy & Commodities

Saudi minister 'confident' oil prices will improve

[ABU DHABI] Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said on Sunday he was confident world prices would improve after a slide he blamed partly on "lack of cooperation" by producers outside the Opec cartel...


[KUALA LUMPUR] Malaysia will charge RM20(S$7.60) vehicle entry permit (VEP) for all foreign-registered vehicles coming in from Singapore in the middle of 2015, while mulling similar charges for vehicles coming in from Thailand and Brunei.

Companies & Markets

THERE'S a reason why the rich are called the smart money - some of them managed to avoid the most recent market wobbles by heeding their private bankers' advice to reduce equity-overweight positions ahead of the collapse of the Russian rouble...


AFTER the turbulence of the last two years, motor industry players are hoping for more stability in 2015.

Government & Economy

A LOOMING Russian recession and the rouble slump will take a toll on a host of countries, stretching from Europe to East Asia.

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Rouble rousing

Will the rouble rout set off a major currency crisis to rival the shocks of the late 1990s?

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