Real Estate

Record wave of new homes could swamp prices and rents

WITH a record number of new private homes being completed this year and the next, it could be a while before prices and rents hit bottom, property consultants say.

Government & Economy

SINGAPORE's manufacturing output contracted 1.2 per cent in September, performing worse than expected - but it was still enough for some economists to see a slight upward revision to Singapore's third-quarter GDP estimates...


[NEW YORK] New York and New Jersey will automatically quarantine medical workers returning from Ebola-hit West African countries and the US government is considering the same step after a doctor who treated patients in Guinea came back infected,...

Real Estate

THE office segment has emerged as the star of Singapore's property market in terms of prices and rents, going by third-quarter data released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority...


WHERE can you invest US$160,000 and get back a cool billion dollars?

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SIA: Battling headwinds

As the group faces challenges in the form of stiff competition in the premium space, overcapacity in the regional markets, uncertainties in the global economy and weaker yields, here's how...

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