Government & Economy

New rules to boost construction skills

WITH the inflow of foreign workers easing to the pace that the government wants, the policy focus is now shifting to raising the quality of these workers - starting with the construction sector.

Banking & Finance

SLIDING Singapore home prices - especially those of high-end residences - are piling on more bad loans onto local banks' non-performing loan (NPL) books...

Government & Economy

THE US Federal Reserve's quantitative easing programme is officially dead, but its ghost will continue to haunt the US stock market - at least until the Fed's next move becomes clear...

Government & Economy

NEWS that the US Federal Reserve has ended its unprecedented asset purchase programme barely caused a ripple in the Singapore market on Thursday, with prices staying flat most of the day.

Government & Economy

THE Federal Reserve doesn't have a whole lot to show for its experiment in quantitative easing. Three rounds of bond purchases worth nearly US$4 trillion over six years ended with Wednesday's rate-setting committee statement. Despite the...

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SIA: Battling headwinds

As the group faces challenges in the form of stiff competition in the premium space, overcapacity in the regional markets, uncertainties in the global economy and weaker yields, here's how...

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