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Energy & Commodities

Volatile market shows mixed impact of oil slide

OPEC's failure to counter the oil price slump is expected to be followed by production cuts in the highly leveraged US fracking energy sector. But Friday's market volatility illustrates the mixed impact on the global economy...

Energy & Commodities

EVEN as five million Swiss nationals head to the polls on Nov 30 to vote on a proposal that would force the central bank to increase its gold reserves, an economist has likened gold to "shiny Bitcoin", saying that the initiative makes no sense...

Government & Economy

HIGHER inflation took a bite out of resident workers' income growth, reducing it to under one per cent in real terms this year - even as the labour market has stayed tight...

Companies & Markets

KEPPEL Corporation chairman Lee Boon Yang was bestowed the Belgian national award of Commander of the Order of the Crown on Thursday in recognition of his contributions to economic cooperation and trade between Singapore and Belgium.

Banking & Finance

SINGAPORE banks are still fattening up their foreign-currency loan books, in line with the country's clear position as a treasury centre for Asian and international companies, data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) showed on Friday...

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Focus: Chemicals Hub

Five years since land reclamation was completed, Jurong Island is now home to more than 100 companies with investments of over S$47 billion. Of this, more than S$10 billion was committed in the past two years alone. BT looks back at the process of creating the island, and the investments that made it what it is today.

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