Monday, 1 September, 2014



Incentives for green efforts at commercial buildings

FOR the next five to ten years, Singapore will work with end-users of commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency, Minister for National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, announced on Monday at the opening of the International Green Building Conference 2014.



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[SINGAPORE] The Indonesian coal sector is primed for a shake-up. Dark...
[SINGAPORE] Snagging one of the top honours at Friday's Emerging...
[SINGAPORE] Germany's Ergo Insurance Group intends to grow its new...



FORGET Abenomics. "Casinomics" is what is set to haul Japan out of economic stagnation, liven up depressed regions of the country, help turn around the huge Budget deficit and generally make Japan a more "fun" place to visit or live in.


[SINGAPORE] The Indonesian coal sector is primed for a shake-up. Dark clouds are hovering over it, presenting rich pickings for cash-rich coal producers and investors on the hunt for a bargain.



IT'S been 11 years since he first joined DHL Express, but Herbert Vongpusanachai sees his work as more than just any other job or career out there.


IT can sometimes be difficult for the elderly to find a seat on a crowded MRT train, but a group of engineering students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have come up with an innovative solution to this problem.

Singapore Markets

IT probably goes without saying that investors have to get used to a low-volume and low-volatility equities world, where the major indices will at least likely grind higher - at least until the market believes fully in the economic recovery and starts to really worry about interest rates.


[KUALA LUMPUR] Cracks are starting to show in Iskandar Malaysia's once-booming property market, The Star reported.


[JAKARTA] Just weeks before Joko Widodo takes office, a ham-fisted attempt by the state energy firm to tackle huge fuel subsidies has sparked panic buying and highlighted the most pressing economic issue confronting Indonesia's next president.


[HONG KONG] China's parliament said on Sunday it will control tightly the nomination of candidates for a landmark election in Hong Kong in 2017, a move likely to trigger mass protests in the city's central business district by disappointed democracy activists.


INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a summit meeting in Tokyo on Monday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on what both sides see as important strategic and economic issues ranging from security and nuclear cooperation to industrial and infrastructure cooperation.


[PARIS] Six years after being struck by economic crisis, Europe is facing a fresh downturn, with few new ideas on the table for reigniting growth and deepening political divisions over the austerity policies that many blame for worsening the malaise.

Transport Hub

[WASHINGTON] The cost of air travel is soaring while consumers aren't seeing much growth in their disposable income - but that isn't deterring an estimated 2.65 million American leisure travellers who are flying over the Labor Day weekend, the most since 2007, according to the travel organisation AAA.



IF life were a perennial birthday party, it might look like Match. There's a celebratory air about the place - a sheen of manufactured happiness that coats this glitzy new eatery, looking a bit like a steakhouse which just swallowed a disco ball.

Home & Garden

ERIC Cheng, group CEO of property firm ECG Holdings, has built over 75 homes in Singapore in the last three years, so when it comes to his own home, he knows exactly what he wants.


AFTER four rounds of this year's BT Corporate Golf League, twice-defending champions Team SunMoon have opened up an almost insurmountable lead of 17 points over second-placed Team Emerio and SPH Sultans of Swing.



WITHIN business analytics, a new and fast- growing area of specialisation is what is known as "message intelligence". This focuses on the valuable information that...

Dining Out

IF life were a perennial birthday party, it might look like Match. There's a celebratory air about the place - a sheen of manufactured happiness that coats this glitzy...

Executive Money

[TOKYO] History is working against Japan's government as it seeks to convince a new generation of investors that equities are the best bet for funding retirement.


IN a sign of how property agencies are going all out to stimulate sales activity in the subdued Singapore residential market, HSR International Realtors has come up with...

Raffles Conversation

IN one corner of the spacious office on the 16th floor of the SapuraKenchana building near the government offices off Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur is a glass topped table...


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